July 1, 2014

On This Side of the Rainbow...

I finally figured it out! The meaning to all this... This blank page. My world. This blog... It's my paradise! My eden... My place of gratitude!

I just want to be more than what the modern world has to offer. So many people are held back by their silly notions. All you have to do is accept that you are not the centre of the universe and life will be okay anyway. It's difficult, I know. And that's why I created this blog! Just give it a little time. Everything gets better with age. When you're not afraid of change, it's a blessing that can bring you closer to understanding your true self. And the world around you.

I keep thinking, I really am lucky to be able. So, I struggle with pain and fatigue. But I can walk! Albeit, slowly, I can walk. I am clearly able. Even though I fight invisible ghosts. Exhausted and outflanked. I can still push on.

And so, I will myself on...

This blog is for me to ride the wave of Easy Goodness that we're all entitled to. From birth we have the choice to be happy. I choose to be happy! The purpose for my writing, here, now, in this moment- is to motivate myself. Inspire my own soul. And, hold myself accountable. That's what the point is. That's it! To give myself a space where I can redesign my fate. This is for me!

Alas, I've always found healing upon letting my heart speak and sharing with others. Strange as it sounds. I prefer solitude. But I branch out to feel normal. Less crazy. More fit. I find prospect by venturing out into the real world and reporting back. That's exactly it. I come to this blog with a complete open mind. And the understanding that I can change the world with one simple thought posted for millions to see!

I aspire to achieve greatness. I have finally stumbled upon a forum where I can touch the audience I am meant to. I have a voice. And it is unique. I can let go of my inhibitions and try new things! And then talk about it on this blog.

I found my rainbow. And I know exactly what awaits me on the other side. This journey is already so cool!

With a humble pause. I thank you for listening.

Exhale... :)