October 29, 2014

Lindsay's Slipper Basket & The End of October...

I have a good friend named Lindsay who is a travel agent! I've known her for a while now but we don't get the chance to see each other often because our work schedules are opposite. We do, however, get together for a visit occasionally. :)

Since the weather is nice and cozy these days, I thought I'd highlight the comforts of Lindsay's home. In the entrance hallway, she has a basket of slippers and thick socks for guests. I picked out this grey knitted pair of socks because they matched my pants! It's a great idea to have a basket of tootsie warmers for your friends. It makes for an extra happy visit.

Do your friends have any warm ideas for the cooling weather? 

I recently bought these new books at amazon.ca. In case you didn't know, I'm a bit obsessed with shopping on line. But I work nights and sleep during the day so I can't always get to the store when it's open. Besides, receiving packages is like Christmas at random times of the year!

I skimmed over each of these books briefly, and I am not sure that they will give me the answers to the questions I have. But I do believe each of them will teach me something I don't already know. I will let you know how it all works out.

What books are you reading these days?

I haven't given up on my veggie garden either. It's now becoming a fall garden... lol... I started a handful of seeds in a mini greenhouse/atop a heating mat, and some lettuce & dill sown directly in the pot. Once day my indoor veggie garden will FEED me!

Once everything is set up and growing under the lights, I'll share a full post about the greenroom. For now it's all just baby sprouts. It's so magical to watch life take root and flourish. Unfortunately, my tomato plant died when I moved her to a bigger pot. I broke her by accident. :( But, I've started new seeds. And my fingers are crossed that they take too!

Are you growing anything this fall/winter?



Lindsay said...

Love the socks!!! I seen the idea somewhere in cyber space and i know my feet get really cold in the house (especially in the winter) So I wanted people that come over to feel as comfortable and warm as they would in their own home. Hoping to get together soon Ang :) Love your blog btw

Angélique Dawn said...

Thanks Lindsay! I am missing you and our visits! :)