November 17, 2022

Thankful Thursday's ~ Post Thirteen


1) New Car:
I am grateful for my new car! A Kia Forte, dark grey, 2022. It's a step up from hand me down cars that I am grateful for having had in my life as well. Having a safe, new vehicle is a blessing.

2) The Holiday Season:
~ I am grateful for the season change. Although I do not like the cold, I'm indulging in all the sights, smells and sounds that bring back memories of winter and xmas.

3) Learning New Skills:
~ I am most thankful for the universal education I seem to be getting in this life. I've started a certification course for work and I have noticed that my understanding of the job has increased immensely. It's  beautiful thing!

What are you thankful for? Can you think of at least three things? How bout just one? Comment and let me know what blessing you find in your life.

~ Namaste ~