"Chin up doll! We got this."

"I want what I have. I love what I have. I am blessed and thankful for everything I have."

"Live and let love. Love and let live..."

Mantra Mondays

I plan to share a Mantra Monday post once monthly. These are the phrases I repeat to myself when I need to calm my mind. It's my by-pass for meditation because I struggle to maintain silence in my head. I give my mind something to focus on which alleviates anxiety, helps me breathe in rhythm and eases my heart. You can find my first mantra Here. Follow along and save the mantras that speak to you for your own personal use. Stay positive!

Thankful Thursdays

My goal is to share a Thankful Thursday post every week to encourage others to find reasons to be thankful as often as possible. These posts will not have much planning and will likely be written the night before publishing. They are intended to keep up that "gratitude attitude" I'm always aiming to achieve so I can change the world starting with myself. You can find the first three things I was grateful for Here. Follow along and journal about what you're thankful for too. Cheers!



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