January 15, 2016

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post One

*Photo Credit: Chad Pelletier, edited by Angélique Dawn*


1) My Blog:
~ I am thankful for the opportunity to start fresh with real attainable goals for the new year! I feel very lucky and blessed to have such a forum to be creative and share my hopes and dreams.

2) My Persistence:
~ I am thankful that I was able to figure out the proper URL for my bloglovin feed which I've connected to the social icons in my sidebar. This techy stuff is a lot of work for me because I am learning as I go. But the more I persist, the better I understand the things that have challenged me.

3) My Car/New Tires:
~ I am thankful that I have a car because it allows me to travel when and how I please. I recently replaced the tires which were quite old. It is winter here in lower Ontario so, I am especially thankful that I have a safe and reliable vehicle to get me where I need to go.

I am thankful for plenty more! But with each Thankful Thursdays post I will share just three things I am thankful for with a brief explanation of why. These posts are intended to be short and sweet. However, occasionally I may write longer explanations if there is some seriously wonderful happenings in my life.

I hope these Thankful Thursdays posts help you pause and think about the things in life you're thankful for too. If things are getting you down taking a moment to be thankful can often be the simplest way to cheer yourself up. It's a good reminder that the universe is on your side. There is always some thing to be thankful for...

~ Namaste ~


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