Hi I'm Angélique! Welcome to my place of show & tell! Easy Goodness shares my intentions of leading a positive life... Sign up to follow along! Join me on my journey for better health, more self-love and creating a balanced lifestyle!

I always dreamt of being a paid writer, but I was plagued by worry and self-doubt for such a long time, that I couldn't see past the fear of failure. I had no idea how to make the goal of writing for a living into a reality. Until, I learned I could create a blog.

Daily life is often difficult for me. I feel consumed by fatigue, constant discomfort and incredible pain most days. In my late twenties I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I've always had difficulty waking up and feeling well. I also struggle with not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. I'm restless and listless enigma...

I've fought battles with depression and anxiety since I can remember. It takes every ounce of courage and motivation to get me up and going. Waking up and staying up is the most challenging part of my day. I have to mask a thousand emotions, suppress an overwhelming sense of weakness and dismiss feelings of inadequacy... I don't discuss this lightly. Believe me. I am an advocator for talking about it. There's no shame in talking about it. We've got to talk about it! Even on my greatest days, I still feel wonky on the inside. I constantly strategize to find ways of hiding it so I can face the world.

I prefer a simple life so that I'm not afraid to live it. I feel my best when I take it easy. I am most successful when I embrace the fact that I cannot do everything. I choose to accept who I am so I can spend more time loving myself, feeling confident in my skin and being mindful of the world around me. I want to create my best self, share my stories and make a difference in other's lives.

Thanks for coming along!


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