January 17, 2019

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post Seven


1) Good Friends:
I am grateful for the wonderful friends (and family) in my life. This may be a regular thing for which I am thankful and will likely become a theme in future posts. However, it's a great truth to my character. Without certain people in my world I would give up on myself before even trying. The right people who truly care about you, motivate and listen to you. The people whom I let close to me nourish my mind and soul as much as they give my heart a safe place to expand.

2) The Day Shift:
~ I was finally granted the privilege of joining the day team at my place of work. It happened last spring, and it took me a long time to get into the groove because my adapted habit of being a day sleeper when I worked nights made it difficult for me to flip the switch. I just couldn't fall asleep for the first six months of working days so I was exhausted and making a lot of mistakes. I was also learning a whole new role so it was a really big change, but the best change ever! I am very teachable! I can do anything if someone shows me how. I seem to have found a circadian rhythm now, and I can balance my responsibilities.

3) Lunch Break Walk:
~ I started walking again on my lunch break. I used to do it regularly on the night shift, but lost my motivation because I didn't have a good winter jacket at the time. It gets dark faster in winter so I wouldn't walk during the colder season much. Now that I'm on days I take a break at one o'clock and I power-walk a moderate route in about twenty five minutes. It's a quick way to get my heat rate up and break a small sweat. When I get back to my desk, the rest of the afternoon flies by and then it's home time.

Are you thinking about the things that bring joy to your life? Do you focus on what lifts you up and guides you to the best version of yourself? Is there one thing in life you are grateful for... How bout three or five!? Leave a comment below and share with your friends. Let's start 2019 on a thankful train! :)

~ Namaste ~



Linz said...

These are 3 wonderful things to be thankful for!! Also happy you're on the day shift because that means I can hang out with you more ❤ although it was great when we both worked nights and could chill all night but this is much better.

Jessie Hetherington said...

So great to see you thriving and focusing on the positive. At our seniors'group, we decorated a glass bottle and entitled it Gratitude 2019. E
very week i put in a comment about what I am thankful for. Last Sunday i noted my gratitude for reaching the ripe old age of 77. Getting older has its own rewards.