September 9, 2019

Mantra Mondays ~ Post Four

*Photo Credit Unknown; Edited by Angélique Dawn*

Finances have become worrisome, so this mantra helps keep my head above water. It helps me catch my breath. And, it gives me air when I find myself anchored to the bottom of the ocean. I believe that the universe has a good plan for me. I am grateful for the fact that I have enough. And, I always manage to pay the bills so I can sleep at night.

When I get overly stressed at work, this mantra plays in my consciousness. I have to meditate to pull my focus back -away from the worry that consumes me. The worry that I'm not good enough, won't ever be enough, and I'm always falling behind others who excel at everything they do.

Lastly, my heart and my spirit feel a great deal of strain lately. It's funny. Even when I try "dating without strings" I still get hurt. All I ask for is honesty and the respect to give me all details upfront. Don't make me play the fool. In the end, most men can only be as honest as it takes to seduce you. They hide behind omissions so they can say they didn't lie.

So, I just breathe deeply and repeat this mantra, reminding myself that I got this. The universe provides everything I need. Even my heart & soul are under its protection. When I go through the motions during loss or struggle of any kind, I try to pick myself up and say...

"I was born into plenty. And I come from abundance. I shall not want for I have everything I need."

No matter how tough times might get in any aspect of my life, I will always be guided by the universe and the light it shines for me.

~ Namaste ~


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