Hi I'm Angélique! Welcome to my place of show & tell! Easy Goodness shares my intentions of leading a positive life... Sign up to follow along! Join me on my journey for better health, more self-love and creating a balanced lifestyle!

I always dreamt of being a paid writer, but I was plagued by worry and self-doubt for such a long time, that I couldn't see past the fear of failure. I had no idea how to make the goal of writing for a living into a reality. Then one day, I learned I could create a blog!

It took me a while to find my niche. I started a few blogs in the beginning. Originally, I'd planned to have one blog to share personal stories and a second to talk about skincare, DIY's and the process of creating a homemade brand. Along with taking back control of my health, I wanted to let go of consumerism. More than five years ago, I started learning how to make my own skincare.  I was quickly convinced I could turn it into a side business. I realized that combining the two concepts into one lifestyle blog was the way to go. Easy Goodness was born! Though I'm still experimenting with my creations I opened an Etsy shop, where you can purchase my unique line, Body Bar Naturals!

Daily life is often difficult for me. I feel consumed by fatigue, constant discomfort and incredible pain almost every day. In my late twenties I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. I have wildly unpredictable moods because I rarely sleep well. Every month I have incredibly painful, sometimes irregular menstrual cycles. But, this isn't news. I've always had difficulty waking up and wretched periods. But now my thyroid is also slow and my weight fluctuates. I realize my endocrine system is struggling. My doctor and I are taking care of it. And I've learned to be my own advocate.

I've been fighting battles with Depression and Anxiety my entire life. It honestly takes me every ounce of courage to get up and go. Just waking up and getting out of bed is sometimes the most difficult part of my day. Facing the world means I have to mask a thousand emotions, suppress my sensitivity and try to find something joyful to raise me above the dread that lingers beneath my surface. Nothing's really wrong that should make me feel this way. It's just the way I'm designed, I suppose. Believe me, I don't discuss this lightly. But I am an advocator for talking about it. There's no shame in talking about it. Someone's gotta talk about it! Even on my greatest days, I always feel wonky on the inside. Such are the complexities of living with mental illness... It's a never ending battle.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Don't worry. Because in my search for healing I've learned that much of ancient wisdom holds the answers to the worlds health crises. Including my own. Nature provides miracles... I believe in my own body's ability to heal. I have learned to be my own coach. My mind is strong enough to manage this. 

In the long run, I'd like to resign myself to a simple life. I am eager to settle down and care for my family, friends and neighbours. I believe that I can work full time doing what I love, for whom I love. I want my job to be taking care of me, and us! I want to spend more time loving myself. While exploring the world, making a difference in others lives. And then, writing about it! :)


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