August 15, 2021

Mantra Monday's ~ Post Eight

The world has changed and continues to evolve into a place that is both familiar and foreign to me. This is home. Yet, I feel estranged from my friends, family and colleagues most days. I've been thinking much about my carbon footprint, lately. But I am more concerned about what we're imprinting on those who will inherit this earth. I believe that the best thing I can do is to take care of myself. I can change the world by improving just one thing. Me!

I have learned that being good to ones' self starts with changing the monologues in our heads. I am quite open about social anxiety and how it's affected my life greatly. Long before it was socially widespread. Anxiety and the monologues are connected. I am still growing. And growth is partly understanding ourselves better. As a grown woman who is loved by kind and generous souls, I can't figure why I generally feel insecure. Why do my thoughts immediately leap to self-sabotage when anticipating social settings?

This mantra came to me one night when I couldn't fall asleep easily. Most of my mantras do, LOL... I ponder over happenings of the day and sort through my emotions regarding certain events.

"I am deserving. I am worthy. I am an important part of my community. My light shines through. And, the world is a better place for it."

I want to be able to trust my community. At times that I have to join the party, in order to keep myself cool -I breath deep and calmly repeat this sort of mantra in the back of my mind. It helps muffle that nasty monologue.

~ Namaste ~


August 5, 2021

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post Twelve


1) Like Minded People:
~ I've noticed lately that colleagues and friends are borrowing my vocabulary. It's a compliment that people who are skilled at what they do, follow my lead. Simple things like saying "my pleasure" instead of "no problem" are what I started being conscious of during small talk. It's made a vast difference in my attitude. I am super thankful that others are adopting similar mindsets, which encourages me to stay positive.

2) Health Benefits:
~ I have a lot going on with my physical and emotional needs. I struggle with depression, anxiety, chronic pain... and the list keeps going. Fortunately, I have a benefits package with work so my prescriptions and para-medical expenses are affordable. Work helps with the costs of my meds and the meds help me get up and face the work day.

3) My Cat Kenji-Boy:
~ My all-time favourite animal could very well be the house cat. Those who know me might suggest that I'm a crazy cat lady. Which does have some merit because I'd have a barn full of cats if I could rescue them all. I will always have at least one. Kenji is the first male cat I've owned and he's the best decision I made! You can read about him HERE, to learn more about the biggest love of my life!

~ Namaste ~


July 27, 2021

Life Lately ~ Feeling A Little Melancholy These Days

My heart is protected in a bubble. My soul escapes to dreams entertaining my mind with vast journeys. And, most days, my heart is locked in a glass house, living on the reflective side of a two-way mirror.

I don't really know how to be socially confident. I used to fake it well enough to convince myself that maintaining a jubilant demeanour was a wise defence to mask my insecurities. But, I often come across as over talkative -because subconsciously I am desperate to avoid sharing my true self.

I have grown and I do my best to listen more attentively, now. Actively suppressing my desire to respond. Silence used to make me feel so uneasy. I couldn't stop myself from filling that space -anticipating what others might be thinking. I've learned that I don't always have to speak. Finally! I still feel restless during quiet moments amongst others. But I remind myself to breathe. I listen to what the silence is telling me. I listen while others put their thoughts in order. I am learning to accept the calm and let things be what they will. Within and around me.

I constantly judge myself on behalf of others. I've probably been doing this my entire life, but I only recently came to understand it. I presume from their perspective, that they're criticizing all my flaws and failures. I worry that people might see I am anxious beyond consolation. I worry that people worry too much about me. I hate the excuse that I'm anxious. I hate the feeling when my stomach is in my throat and my heart jumps out of my chest. I hate when I am at the mercy of panic disorder. As a grown woman, I choose to push myself past the barriers of social anxiety. But, it's not easy to let go of old behaviour and bad habits.

I fear that I've lost my voice. I feel like no one really hears me. I am not strong enough to bare myself to others anymore. I am not strong enough to defend myself against myself; for days, after social interactions. I project the disappointment I feel regarding my own limits, unto the people around me, sabotaging my own psyche with negative talk. I can't appreciate the success and happiness that others deserve because I am not truly happy with myself.

Why am I so emotionally stunted? Why is it so difficult for me to even want to be a part of social gatherings? It's all in my head but it's not something I can control. I aim to get out of my comfort zone. But it's the only place I truly feel safe and accepted. Okay with not being okay. Not worried about making others feel okay that I'm not okay. I slip into a state of urgent duress when I'm around others because the I'm forced to deal with how much life I seem to miss out on. I don't want them to feel sorry for me. And, I don't want to listen to people who think they know better and tell me how lame they think my lifestyle seems. It is what it is. And, the best I can make it.

I tend to struggle with self control and time management. I want to be in charge of me! I want to wake up feeling grateful for being alive to even have the chance to wake up! Instead I feel disoriented and insignificant. My consciousness fleeting. I want to feel well enough to get ready before I'm late. I don't want excuses and I am tired of that explanatory monologue in my head. But mornings are the antagonist to my journey of self-actualization. It's in the morning that I feel most anxious and sore. Waking up to a broken body that was never whole... It's in the morning that I really, really need someone else to lean on.

It takes much time to become what we're meant to be. It's always changing. Ever evolving. We say one thing today. Tomorrow, the idea means nothing to us. I keep wishing for one more day, a new year or even another lifetime to get the best out of this sentient experience, because I don't have a lot of time in this body. But, because time and space are irrelevant, it's possible I already had my best lifetime so my current woes are neither here nor there. :)

I guess I feel that I'm missing my purpose this time around and that's a hard pill to swallow. Because I'm just biding time. Waiting my turn to go home and start over. Growing with and in spite of my environment and those I share it with. I have learned to simply love myself and forgive others. Now, I have to learn to simply love others and forgive myself.



July 6, 2021

The Biggest Love Of My Life Is A Total Mama's Boy!


Meet Kenji! He came into my life when I was ready and looking for a new family member three years ago. I was at PetSmart to buy new fish and as I always do, I browsed the adoption kitties. I just want to pet them all, don't you? :)

I approached a cage where this little grey cutie caught my eye. His two brothers were wrestling and hadn't noticed me at all. But, Kenji came up for some pets through the cage. I asked if I could take him out to hold him. And the moment he was in my arms, I fell in love.

The best part is that I adopted him through the humane society. He had been fostered since he was approximately five weeks old. I attribute that early human socialization as to why he is such an affectionate cat. He was named by his fosters and I liked the name, so I kept it. It suits him well. He's such a mama's boy! He fills my heart which adds to my inner peace. He is one of my soul mates and a true best friend.

I started working remotely in March 2020. Kenji loves having me working from home. He is my desk buddy! For the most part he sleeps on one side of the desk -often taking up more than half... He cuddles my arms and uses my hand as a pillow. He likes to steal my pens and desperately wants to be included when I'm on Skype calls. He bugs for attention by head butting my face with kisses or playing with the headphone wire. Lol. It can be annoying sometimes. But it's super adorable how much he just wants to be with me.

I am blessed to have been at that particular PetSmart, during the 2018 spring adoption weekend. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met the biggest love of my life. He's my Kenji-Boy, my Bubby, my Kenji-The-Grey... He's my protector and the best company a single gal could ask for. I am absolutely grateful that he chose me.

Go ahead and leave a pic of your fur-babies in the comments below. Share why your pets are unique and how they make your house a home. Thanks for stopping by!


June 21, 2021

Mantra Mondays ~ Post Seven

I am doing my best to become minimalist. But, I have to be honest -it's not easy. It's not easy to turn off the want that plagues me with insecurity. Advertisements are relentless. Community creates peer pressure. I am left to feel that if I don't get the things that others find to be essential, I won't fit in. No one wants to feel that way. Even those of us who say others' opinions don't matter. We still prefer to fit in when we can. That's the human condition. It's an empowering sensation to feel that you belong. No one really wants to be on the side lines -benched.

There is always something that captures my interest. Leading me to want newness to make that interest attainable. I so easily forget that time is irrelevant. And nothing that I really want needs to be had now. Again, another idea that isn't quite so easy to follow. I try not to be influenced by all the noise around me. I trust that I have enough. I am very much aware of my tendencies to fall for false truths. I am learning to accept that I don't need things to be happy. Nothing is more urgent than ones own peace of mind.

This mantra helps me maintain control over my spending habits. It helps me trust that I have everything I need. It reminds me to find other ways to satisfy my cravings for more. Instead of buying something new, I try looking for something I already have that I can repurpose. It's a challenge against my ego. Every day.

"Everything I need is readily available to me. There is nothing I shall want. I am grateful for every blessing that the universe provides."

I know these words are a long time concept that religions & spiritual practices take into account. It's a recycled idea that I found a new way of saying. Trust in the universe or whatever you call the light that guides you. Abundance is our birthright. Wanting is a learned behaviour.

~ Namaste ~