August 24, 2017

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post Six

*Photo Credit Unknown; Edited by Angélique Dawn*


1) My cats:
I have two cats that are ten and eight years old. The best thing about my cats is they don't disturb my plants (knock on wood) and they are pretty easy going kitties... I am mostly thankful for my cats because they literally give me a daily dose of antidepressant. When I can't sleep, I get up and find a cat to snuggle -if they're not already in bed with me. Then I just reach out and touch them to calm my mind or soothe my soul. I honestly can't imagine life without my furry, purry girls. They make the best roommates!

2) Having enough food:
~ Truth be told, I sometimes take food for granted. I occasionally waste food because I forget about it in the fridge and it goes bad. I've been trying to be more careful with how I spend my money lately. So, instead of buying take-out or over purchasing fresh produce, I've been focusing on the foods in my pantry and freezer. Now, I am so very grateful for canned and frozen goodies. I make sure every year to donate food & toiletries when my work puts a few boxes together for the UPS canned good drive. I also pray that the whole world has enough food to eat.

3) Forgiveness:
~ I struggle every day to say the right thing. I get anxious and mix my sentences together and leave room for people to read between the lines. I react too quickly and I have hurt friends more often than I can count just because I was imperfect with my words. Then I get mad at myself and upset about the whole situation. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't see the big picture or consider how many people my words reach. But all I can really do is say, I'm sorry. I am grateful for the people who have accepted and forgiven me during those times. I am also thankful for the people I am able to forgive even when their words or actions hurt me. It's healthy to let it go.

Regardless of anyone's intentions hurt still happens. So forgive swiftly. Forgive unconditionally. And forgive often.

~ Namaste ~


July 12, 2017

Why I Switched To Kotex Brand Liners & Pads

*This is not a sponsored post. The claims written herein are my own thoughts due to interest and research. Please see my Disclosure page for more information*

Let's talk about that time of the month. Shall we? ... Yep, you guessed it. This post is about my period! lol... Here's the deal. Choosing the right brand of pads and liners can be a difficult, personal decision. Am I right?

I was loyal to a certain brand for always. But about five years ago I started noticing boil-like pimples along my bikini line. I researched reasons why these pimples were occurring. I wondered, was it my body wash? was I using too much detergent in my laundry? was it just my hormones? The main issue was that those pimples kept breaking out in the middle of my flow. They also only lasted a few days, so seemed to be more of a rash than a blemish. They were quite painful as every movement I made aggravated them.

After a few weeks of research, and some shocking facts, I learned that some materials in most pads and liners are generally known to be skin irritants. Oy! My natural journey has lead me to many disappointing aha moments. This was definitely one of them!

Since I refuse to wear tampons anymore, due to my concerns about toxic shock syndrome, I've tried a menstrual cup instead. I'll share my experience using that in another blog post. I only mention this now because I had previously considered giving up conventional feminine hygiene products altogether. Before I learned how bad these items were for our health, I was concerned about how bad they are for the environment. I thought a menstrual cup -something used for ages before industry, by the way- would help reduce my carbon footprint. 

Initially, searching out alternatives to plastic/chemical filled feminine napkins, I came upon a few reusable brands. They have a variety of styles and cute patterns so I was totally convinced I should buy a handful and go back to my roots regarding feminine hygiene by using washable protective measures. But reusable brands are crazy expensive when you consider how many items you'll actually need during those 3-5 days.

I figured I should try to make my own liners and pads. I bought a simple, inexpensive sewing machine. And I stocked up on the accessories I'd need for the project. I invested in organic bamboo and cotton diaper making supplies. I read a bunch of blogs, and watched Youtube tutorials to learn how to make my own pads... But reusable pads require special cleaning. It's also yucky and hard to get my mind around reusing the same old rags...

In my google searches, I used the keywords cotton and natural, hoping to find a natural suitable brand of feminine products. But mostly links to diaper making supply companies came up. I guess DIY diapers are popular with parents these days... Interestingly, however, Kotex also popped up every time, with links to the brand's newest products. So I researched the ingredients in their liners and pads and I made an honest decision to switch to Kotex for a trial period. Below are images of the products I found to be most useful for me personally. You may prefer other sizes/absorbencies so check out the official site UbyKotex to find the right fit for you!

I stock up on these items at I keep them in my "auto-save" list so I receive a discount for having it delivered! Walmart already has the lowest price for these items and I can't find the jumbo packs anywhere else.

I'm happy to say that Kotex has met my expectations and keeps me comfortably protected during my menstrual cycle. The pimples have stopped occurring which solves the main issue that brought about this change! As a bonus, I also feel dryer than I did with other brands. And most importantly, the products do not stick to my skin because the top layer is made with a touch of cotton. Kotex has me covered so stains are virtually a thing of the past! If you're questioning your current brand of feminine hygiene care. I highly recommend you try Kotex brand's unique line.

A few pros are: less leakage and spotting. I rarely have accidents anymore! At night, because I'm a restless sleeper, my old brand couldn't keep up. I need a pad that will stay in place. Otherwise it's not doing it's job. When I sleep on my back, I need a pad that's long & absorbent enough to catch the leaks that gravity makes on the bedsheets.

A few cons are: not a hundred percent natural. They do have some plastic in them. Which means they are still adding to the landfills.

I challenge Kotex, or any brand responsible for the production of feminine hygiene products, to create a truly one hundred percent natural feminine pad, that is absorbent and durable, yet comfortable and biodegradable. In the meantime, I still have the supplies and patterns to DIY the issue at home if I choose to.

Would you try Kotex brand or do you already use their line? Have you tried any reusable brands yourself and would you recommend them? How about making your own... are you that much of a hippie? :)

Share your thoughts in the comments below. And pass this on to a friend!


*Photos used in this blog post were borrowed from the internet and altered to connect back to this page. The actual owner of these photos is unknown.*

June 12, 2017

Mantra Mondays Post Three

Welcome back to Mantra Mondays! This one's a quickie! I say it to myself often when I'm insecure. Sometimes I get anxious and overwhelmed feeling less than adequate. At those times, this short mantra is a life saver. It's a solid reminder that no matter how I feel. I am good enough.

The picture of the small aloe against the big aloe inspires me. They are both magnificent. Equal in stout and intention. They only differ in size. The image sets the stage for a deep and serious stream of thought. Focus on the two aloes as you breathe in and slowly exhale. Repeat the mantra three times. Breathe deeply. And continue the mantra repetitions for at least thirty seconds. However, three to five minutes will give you invigorating results!

I am strong. I am plenty. I am whole.

Yes. You are! :)

~ Namaste ~

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