May 17, 2014

Kitty Cats

Today I thought I'd share some pictures and introduce you to my cats...

No, I'm not the crazy-cat-lady, I'm just a sucker for strays. And believe me, all my girls are adopted/rescues. :)

First, Gemini. She's 14, has long, black fur and is my Baby Doll! I've had her since I was 20. I consider her to be my best friend. Recently, she was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid. She was so skinny. The vet recommended medicine (tiny pink pills) twice a day. She seems to be doing better since we started the medicine. 

Next, there's Triniti. She came into my life after I had lost Gemini's sister, Tootsie. So, Triniti is named for being my third cat.

Triniti came from a stray that was fed by the ladies that worked at a pub I waitressed at. I called dibs on her when she was three weeks old. She was one of three, and the only one who was half white and half striped. Now, she's seven years old. She's a big suck! And she's always within arms reach.

Lastly, I have my Chili Pepper. She showed up in my neighbourhood about five years ago. She was a tiny, little tabby, scardy-cat! It took a bit of work to coax her out from under my landlords back porch. But, I finally caught the fuzzy handful and took her in.

This is Gemini's Fav spot! On my lap, snuggled under a blanket.

This is Triniti in her yoga pose "folding cat" :)

Chili is very skittish.
But she's learned to trust me enough to hold her once in a while...

My girls mean the world to me! It may sound silly, but they are my roommates who keep me warm. They are the best company one could ask for. XOXO

Okay, occasionally they hog the bed. lol

She will make a bed anywhere.

Sleepy kitty

She stole this idea from Gemini.. So gorgeous!

Triniti all tucked in.

Gemini is a panther at heart.

Cat who sleeps on head...

Good Morning Ladies! :)

Most nights, Triniti sleeps by my head. Often, she sleeps on my pillow. Chili comes in and out throughout the night and Gemini generally sleeps at my feet for most of the night.

Not many people like the idea of their pets sleeping with them. I honestly find their warmth and purrs to be quite soothing. It all depends on the night. I'm a restless sleeper. But I am single with a queen size bed, so there's plenty of room for snuggles!



May 14, 2014

Settling into My Space

I have spent the last week or so updating, editing and basically giving my blog a face lift. Though I really like the quilt background, so that stays! I don't have much to talk about today I just wanted to share this awesome news! I accidentally signed up for a blog with another host, immediately learned they were lying about being free... WTF!? So, I temporarily set my blogger site to revert to the .com. It's all very techy and I hope once my other account goes dormant I can bring the .com over to blogger permanently. You still have to add the blogspot tail to get here.

I've got lots of time to figure this out. I'm just happy that I've been working so diligently to customize this experience for all of us.

I am finally getting comfortable with my virtual space. It's taken me a long time to truly own it! For the last few years, I've been trying to figure out a title, theme, purpose; while dreaming about a natural brand I plan to create and somehow fit into it all; and I haven't much of a day to day life to share on-line... So, yes most of my posts for the next while will likely be me ranting. But hey, it's exactly what I need.

I've finally got lots of pictures up! I think I am satisfied with the layout... for now, lol. I just need to start doing and recording so I can write and upload pictures to share.

We're on our way baby! Sign up to follow me on this journey. Check out my Pages, lists, pictures and all the Goodness I have spent so much time on working, arranging and designing. Let's not let my Obsessive Compulsiveness go to waste! :)


May 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's amazing how I go from one thing to another in an instant...

I get excited over something and then, just as soon as I noticed it, I lose interest. lol... Now I know why I drove my mum crazy as a child. I could never make up my mind! Or focus on anything.

Perhaps, it's because my astrological sign is a Gemini I am driven by two separate sides of myself. I don't know. It's crazy! Sometimes, I get nothing done because I can't decide. But, the good thing about having a blog is, you can ALWAYS come back to it. Even when t's been a while.

I am not writing as much as I'd like to. Maybe I should set some goals here... Once a week? Just to say hey?

Now that the weather's getting nice I've been out for a few evening walks with a friend. I'm jumping on my treadmill for quickies too but I'm just so overwhelmed with fatigue, I have virtually no stamina.

I learned today from my new doctor that I have an under active thyroid. Not the greatest news for someone whose trying to figure out a how to be more active. But amazing news if it helps me to address the underlying causes.

I have learned that it's best to combine modern medicine with the natural, self-informed medicine. If it helps me feel any better then I am willing to take a prescription. I am a much better person since taking anti-depressants. But depression runs in my family, so it's part of my genetic make up.

While treating the "Symptoms" in the line up of ailments afflicting me I have come to conclude I am weak and fragile and fatigued because of a western processed diet. And I actually thought I eat well... For goodness sake! I was designed to eat a whole food diet. People who eat this way Thrive!

So, there it is. Reason a hundred and one why I wish to stay home full time and tend to a homestead. The number of ailments/diseases I struggle with is piling up. And my tendency to feel down about it is at an all time high.

I want to cook and eat and live with the wisdom to nourish my body instead of pleasing my cravings. I want my one and only job to be taking care of my health. And the health of my loved ones. And I want to help inspire others to do the same.

I am glad I ordered so many of the books suggested by my blogging idols! I've got lots to process and share. I am so thankful those gals really know their stuff. I hope to have as many readers one day too.

I'll be back soon!