May 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's amazing how I go from one thing to another in an instant...

I get excited over something and then, just as soon as I noticed it, I lose interest. lol... Now I know why I drove my mum crazy as a child. I could never make up my mind! Or focus on anything.

Perhaps, it's because my astrological sign is a Gemini I am driven by two separate sides of myself. I don't know. It's crazy! Sometimes, I get nothing done because I can't decide. But, the good thing about having a blog is, you can ALWAYS come back to it. Even when t's been a while.

I am not writing as much as I'd like to. Maybe I should set some goals here... Once a week? Just to say hey?

Now that the weather's getting nice I've been out for a few evening walks with a friend. I'm jumping on my treadmill for quickies too but I'm just so overwhelmed with fatigue, I have virtually no stamina.

I learned today from my new doctor that I have an under active thyroid. Not the greatest news for someone whose trying to figure out a how to be more active. But amazing news if it helps me to address the underlying causes.

I have learned that it's best to combine modern medicine with the natural, self-informed medicine. If it helps me feel any better then I am willing to take a prescription. I am a much better person since taking anti-depressants. But depression runs in my family, so it's part of my genetic make up.

While treating the "Symptoms" in the line up of ailments afflicting me I have come to conclude I am weak and fragile and fatigued because of a western processed diet. And I actually thought I eat well... For goodness sake! I was designed to eat a whole food diet. People who eat this way Thrive!

So, there it is. Reason a hundred and one why I wish to stay home full time and tend to a homestead. The number of ailments/diseases I struggle with is piling up. And my tendency to feel down about it is at an all time high.

I want to cook and eat and live with the wisdom to nourish my body instead of pleasing my cravings. I want my one and only job to be taking care of my health. And the health of my loved ones. And I want to help inspire others to do the same.

I am glad I ordered so many of the books suggested by my blogging idols! I've got lots to process and share. I am so thankful those gals really know their stuff. I hope to have as many readers one day too.

I'll be back soon!


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