December 30, 2014

The Not-So-Virtuous Impatience of Manifesting a New Life...

I really, really, really want to get on with it. I am the type of person who, once she's made up her mind, she can't wait to make it happen! Half the battle is making up my mind though. lol... Perhaps, it's because I am a Gemini astrologically. Or, maybe because I am the younger child. For whatever reason, I struggle to make decisions. I see too many sides of any ordeal. Hesitation could be my middle name...

Funny thing, after weeks of sifting through the classifieds and driving around in circles I've finally come to realize I would be happiest in a high rise apartment building with a balcony and two bedrooms. The reason it's funny is because my sister has been suggesting since day one that I consider a few buildings. I was being stubborn and snobby thinking I could find something better for less. Well, I think I've grown out of the person I used to be. Because at this point in my life a secure building with a clean atmosphere, balcony, storage, on-site laundry and parking is really looking good about now. :)

I emailed a few building managers. Then I sat through an eight hour shift at work analyzing my perspectives. When I got home, I emailed the one apartment again. This time suggesting I would move sooner than I'd said in the first email. If I can view the apartment and give a deposit by January first, then I can give my landlord only one month notice. I should give him sixty days according to some people, but I honestly want to get out of here so badly. After eight years I think I deserve better than his neglect. He keeps a disgusting home and that's all the reason I need for not wanting to stay a full sixty days more.

So, I may not be sleeping much this week. I'll probably have to wake up early to view apartments. And, I have to stay up all night tonight, so I can go to the pharmacy in the morning and get my refills I been waiting on for two weeks. The person I spoke with said she would leave a note to call me when it was ready. I guess she forgot, cause when I called today, the woman who answered said it had been ready for seventeen days! lol... I also haven't had my muscle relaxants (of which I take only a small dose), and my bedtime anti-depressant. I've seriously gone more than three weeks without my other meds? (I had run out before I made the call to the pharmacist). No wonder I'm so stressed and incredibly irritated. My stomach is in my throat. EVERYTHING makes me want to cry. It's so not fair that without medication I'm a basket-case... I've been up and down the last month. I am really wondering how I'm ever going to  get off my medications. It's been a rough & emotional few weeks.

I wish I could take all my ailments and check them off my list of things to do. Or, undo rather. One day, it is my belief that my body can heal itself from the inside. Right, Christal Richie!? :) But the proper environment and diet are key elements to a sustainable body, mind and soul. There are so many things I want to do that require more of me than I can give. And only so much I can do to try to fix it. So, I live in a world of limbo... The things I want and need to improve my health require genuine health in order to be successful. It's a catch-twenty-two! Goodness Gracious! Well, I am certain I will get there in my lifetime. I just have to take the right steps. And not give up when the road-bumps trip me. I'm on a big kick lately reminding myself that I am my choices. So why do I hesitate so? Shouldn't I rather know than be stuck in this cycle of maybes? Is this all a part of growing up? Learning to anticipate your faults and finding ways to correct them?

I expect that the new year will bring me lots of joy. Change has happened. Change is happening. I am at one with the evolving universe riding a wave of goodness! And, I've made up my mind! Cheers!


December 23, 2014

It's The Right Time of Year to Make Resolutions!

The holiday season is upon us. It's the day before Christmas eve. And all the commercials are asking. Are you ready for the celebrations and gift giving bonanza?

My niece Xmas a few years ago...

Oh yea she was ready for Christmas!

It's a magical time of year... :)

Well, I am NOT! lol

Truth be told, I'm a big time procrastinator. It's a trait I am not proud of, but it's part of my personality none the less. The demons in my head are lazy. And they want me to be too.

I'm always fighting the urge to relax. Well, I do know how to chill whilst I multi-task because another side of my personality is quite ADHD... There's really nothing wrong with that. I'm a woman. I think it's just naturally ingrained in our DNA. Though I wonder sometimes why I can't just focus on one thing...

I've been telling myself I'm gonna craft homemade gifts. Yes, I've been saying this for a few years, now. But I can't seem to get around to doing it. I am too obsessive at making my recipes/goodies perfect that the holidays sneak up and smack me in the face. And here we are again. The day before Christmas eve. I'm writing about my inability to follow through. Seriously? lol

Someone once told me that procrastination is a sign of perfectionism. I believe I had an "Aha" moment when I heard that. It makes a lot of sense. I fear that I might not get it right. So I give up before I even get started. Yes, this sounds quite familiar... But here's another truth about me. If I really want it. And if something is really important to me. I will make it happen or make myself available to be a part of it. I don't care about that many things in this life. Wait, wait- okay, don't take that literally. I care more than my heart can contain. But I struggle with pain and fatigue, remember? If not, THIS will refresh your memory.

So, as much as I have the greatest intentions for everyone and all creatures, I only have the stamina to give my time to a few. I feel stretched thin just living day to day. And that's also why I don't craft as much as I'd like. I don't always have the energy to try. But, back to my point, I may not care deeply about a lot of things, yet when passion ignites in my belly, there's no stopping me! I may not be ready to craft gifts this year. Though I am hoping to at least make lip balm since I've had a few requests. And don't get me wrong, I've totally got my shopping done. I'm giving everyone gift cards this year. Plus one small gift. And I'm only buying for a handful of family and friends. My work Christmas party was last week and we did the secret santa thing! I gave a gift card to the person I picked and I received a candle and a gift card for Tim Hortons! 

Perhaps, 2015 is the year I break through the barriers that make my transition to a healthier lifestyle difficult. Most days it seems impossible. And then there are moments when the magic of a special time of year reminds me that even though I may not be in the mood, the world is merry anyhow. I may not be feeling the holiday spirit but the "dawning of aquarius" is upon us regardless, and the earth is basking in a peaceful glow. I may not find it easy to change. But the Universe has been evolving for billions of years. We are here and now. Everything takes time.

When life gets me down. When the holidays catch me by surprise. When change seems to drag on and on. I tell myself, "I am here. I am now. I am safe and sound. At this moment I am okay. Everything is going my way." And breathe. I am not one who can absolutely silence my mind at any given time. My body gets overwhelmingly tense, causing me strain when I focus on my breath. Because of this, in my meditations and the times I take a mental break to "come back to neutral" I find a mantra in my memory or make one up on the fly and I repeat it over and over. This repetition helps me to breathe deeply. By focussing on the words individually and as a whole I can recover my sense of security thereby allowing me to regain a calm state. Usually, by that point, I am able to accept that the panic was more stressful than the trigger. And I can then let it go. Again, more repetitions and deep breaths...

It is my goal, this time next year to share a post about the gifts I've made all dressed up in bows. For reals! It's my dream to create a natural brand. I am really trying to create a natural lifestyle. It starts by sharing crafts and knowledge. I have nearly nixed all my skin care products. Excluding shampoo. I can't live without shampoo and I am not comfortable making it yet. I use balms, oils and one-time concoctions for virtually everything else now! I make my own deodorant, facial care, lip balms, body scrubs and even soft soap...  But lotions, cremes and soap-from-scratch take a little more patience. Now that I think about it, I have come a long way in the last three years. I can't pinpoint the day or time. But I know a grand shift happened in my search for happiness when I discovered I CAN DO for myself. Here's to turning a new leaf.

Happy Holidays!


December 17, 2014

High Hopes & Disappointment...

There's always room for change. I suppose that's the way the universe sees it. But for those of us living here on earth, change isn't always easy. When it's part of your own plan and things are going well, change is a blessing. But when change is unwelcome, life feels so overwhelming.

Change is inevitable and I'm not feeling all that happy about it. Why? Because I've avoided this particular change for some time. It's not backing down. So, instead of fighting it, I'm getting on with it and changing my perspective. I don't know why I do this to myself. It takes me so much longer than the average person to admit that I am not happy. I spend my time focussed on what I think I want while mishandling the things in my daily life. Most often, when I take action, there's more resistance than intention. I give up before I get started. I change my mind and swiftly move to a new idea. I end up going no where...

In hind sight, the imperfections have always been obvious. But before the moment passed I was in a state of acceptance and tolerance. Conditionally. I couldn't take my own needs seriously. And now, I embrace the idea. It's time to move. In a few months, I'll be moving on.

If you read my last post then you know I was eager to buy a house last month. But, after a well needed reality check I have thought twice and concluded I am not yet ready. My Mum helped me create a budget and I learned that I need to save a nest egg so I won't have to rely on credit for emergencies. I need more than a small down payment to get me through the first couple of years of home ownership. I am glad I had someone to explain the truth to me.

So, the last few weeks I been kinda bummed. I am angry with myself for having debt rather than a savings. I could have been smarter about this when my younger self was "borrowing" from my current self. That girl thought she knew everything lol... I have to let go of my self loathing and fix it now. My ego is in check and it's time to save for my future!

I'm looking for a new apartment and feeling scared to give my landlord notice. I'm not afraid of him, I just feel bad. I know that he relies on the rent as his main income and I am concerned that he won't find new tenants. But the BIGGEST reason I am moving is because he doesn't take care of the place. So, why do I let that feeling get the best of me? I rent so that I don't have to deal with unforeseen events. Instead, I'm living in a very cozy, homey place that's falling apart. Not my problem anymore. "Home is where the Fur Babies live!!" I can make any place cozy. :)

This house is an eyesore from the curb. I shake my head every day as I walk up the stairs. The porch is constantly cluttered with stuff. I clean it. He puts it back. I organize it. He puts more stuff out there... It's driving me crazy! I can't worry about his welfare anymore. He doesn't seem to care much about it himself. That's his truth. Not mine. I need to live for me. It's my duty to go after what I want and expect what I deserve! Sometimes, in order to find your own happiness and be good to others you need to first be a little selfish. Do what's best for you. And share thy fruitful abundance!

I am my choices. I choose better! I deserve the best!

~ Growing ~


November 13, 2014

Letting Go, Looking Forward & Moving On...

Eight years ago I moved into my current address. A small, cozy two bedroom apartment where I found much peace and quiet. In fact, I sleep during the day because of my work schedule. I used to work late nights at bars/restaurants mostly, so it's a habit I've acquired over the last fifteen years. But, I also never liked mornings, lol... These days, I work steady afternoons. However, after midnight is when inspiration hits me! I've always been a nighthawk. The best thing about this place is the fact that my neighbourhood is quiet.

There's a park across the way where I like to watch the squirrels keeping busy in the grass and trees. They also scurry about on my balcony. It drives the cats crazy. Sometimes, I feel like I live in an attic hidden away from the rest of the world.

My door to the outside...
My landlord lives downstairs. He is an older gentleman who has been like an uncle to me. I've grown to care about him. But, as a tenant I am becoming frustrated with him forgetting to pay bills. And I have to ask five times to remind him to fix or do things. Lately, he's been neglecting to take care of the front property, too. The lady next door has complained to me about it, asking how I can stand to live here. I guess patience is a deep seeded virtue of mine. The first five years here were great! But then the landlord's wife got sick and passed away. Since she passed on, he has hoarded and accumulated more than the house can hold. It's busting at the seams. There's a distinct odour coming from his house and I realize that no matter how many times people (myself included) honestly advise him to change, he never will.

Last spring, I tried to help him clean up the backyard. In fact, I recruited my dad and a terrific girlfriend. We spent a whole afternoon sifting through the landfill back there. My dad trimmed up all the overgrown greenery and cleaned all the weeds from the garden bed. I was hoping to plant a garden this spring. But, for many reasons, particularly the fact that the backyard is run down and overfilled again, I have not planted a garden. I am using my spare room as a greenhouse instead.

An attempt to grow from seed...

Ultimately, I have lost the joy of living here. It's time to move on. And I'd rather not deal with a landlord anymore. I really don't want to have to move again after this (except to a bigger country home). After talking to my parents, siblings and friends, I've concluded what I want most in life at this time is my OWN place.

So... I've decided to buy a house! Just a small bungalow with lots of windows, storage and a generous backyard! I can start my homestead and really learn to take care of myself in a sustainable fashion. I will plant outdoor gardens for the mild months, and continue to grow a few edibles under my grow lights in a back room, or designated area during the winter months.

My Aloe Plant 7 or 8 years ago...

I'll need a protector for my new home. I'll still be limited to domestic animals, which means, no chickens or goats just yet (haha). I am super stoked to get a dog! And ready. I want a chocolate lab from a specific breeder. (Sidebar: I absolutely support adoption. However, after extensive research I've opted to purchase my first dog from a breeder. For a long healthy life. So I can know her background & pedigree. And, because I want a certain temperament to easily socialize with humans and other pets. In the long run, what I want most from a dog is a companion who will guide me through my physical stress, pain and fatigue. I believe a stellar labrador retriever is my best interest).

I will adopt dogs too one day. My future plans are to foster cats and dogs on behalf of the Humane Society. I want to help rehabilitate animals to prepare them for their furever homes. I've wanted a dog for years but didn't get one because I live in an apartment and I don't believe it's fair to keep a dog in an apartment. Dogs need to be outside as often as possible.

It feels like I'm taking a step in the right direction. My spirits have lifted. I'm a little nervous, but I know I will do great things with my own property. I have also gotten better with my spending habits and am learning to be frugal. I know how to keep it simple and reap the benefits of what nature has to offer. I am so excited to get to live the way I choose without needing approval from the landlord or waiting on a partner to make it happen... I've got people. Lots and lots of people who love and support me. I don't need to wait on anything or anyone. My future is now! Change is in the air. I am looking forward to what the future holds. Plenty.

~ Exhale ~


October 29, 2014

Lindsay's Slipper Basket & The End of October...

I have a good friend named Lindsay who is a travel agent! I've known her for a while now but we don't get the chance to see each other often because our work schedules are opposite. We do, however, get together for a visit occasionally. :)

Since the weather is nice and cozy these days, I thought I'd highlight the comforts of Lindsay's home. In the entrance hallway, she has a basket of slippers and thick socks for guests. I picked out this grey knitted pair of socks because they matched my pants! It's a great idea to have a basket of tootsie warmers for your friends. It makes for an extra happy visit.

Do your friends have any warm ideas for the cooling weather? 

I recently bought these new books at In case you didn't know, I'm a bit obsessed with shopping on line. But I work nights and sleep during the day so I can't always get to the store when it's open. Besides, receiving packages is like Christmas at random times of the year!

I skimmed over each of these books briefly, and I am not sure that they will give me the answers to the questions I have. But I do believe each of them will teach me something I don't already know. I will let you know how it all works out.

What books are you reading these days?

I haven't given up on my veggie garden either. It's now becoming a fall garden... lol... I started a handful of seeds in a mini greenhouse/atop a heating mat, and some lettuce & dill sown directly in the pot. Once day my indoor veggie garden will FEED me!

Once everything is set up and growing under the lights, I'll share a full post about the greenroom. For now it's all just baby sprouts. It's so magical to watch life take root and flourish. Unfortunately, my tomato plant died when I moved her to a bigger pot. I broke her by accident. :( But, I've started new seeds. And my fingers are crossed that they take too!

Are you growing anything this fall/winter?


September 8, 2014

Something To Wait For...

Time will tell.
Slipping down the rabbit hole,
I hold on to
A constant flow
Of energy surrounds me,
Keeps me still.
What will time tell?
That is on a
Need-to-know basis.
I hold on to
A constant rhythm
Of energy cocoons me,
Keeps me growing.
Time will bring truth.
Passing through like
Liquid silence.
I hold on to
A constant vibe
Of energy inside of me
Keeps me going.

Nourish your inner child and never stop reaching for the stars! Always do what's right for you... :)



September 7, 2014

You're Never Really Alone...

Let me start by admitting that I am not the most successful individual when it comes to nurturing my current relationships. But, for the most part I have a small handful of good friends and family members who tolerate my backward schedule and sleep/pain challenges... I have yet to find a gentleman who can give me love amidst my struggle to be an active part of other's lives. In light of this- and my tendency to hesitate upon the chance of making new friends,  I owe a shout out to my family members and friendly peeps who have stuck by me all these years. Your patience and love encourage me to find strength in everything I do. :)


So the summer has officially come to an end... Soon we will be getting ready to wrap up and settle in for the cooler weather. But for now, I'm feeling nostalgic and finally getting around to sharing my post about a little wine and cheese party I hosted for my best and oldest girls!

We bought some wine. And of course goat, havarti and provolone cheeses! The crackers were Whole Wheat Ritz and Rosemary & Garlic Triscuits! OMG! DELISH! 

Of course we took some pictures to mark the occasion.

It was actually this little lady's birthday celebration...

Selfie Plus One!

I have learned over the last fifteen years that people aren't always who we expect. Relationships either grow with the changes of individual lives, or they come to an end. But there are some friendships that tend to root deeper than most. And these relationships are written in the stars. You cannot take them for granted. Sometimes people drift apart. But you know the best of friends can spend months on their own and get back together like no time has passed. However, with todays technologies it is no excuse to keep a distance. So, Trust that you are never alone. You can always reach out to your loved ones. They shall not judge you... 

Keep Your Heart Open
It will always guide you in the right direction!



August 20, 2014

Wishing on a Star...

I been feeling lately that I come last in all my relationships. People reach out to me when they need me, but are off in their own worlds when life is splendid. Everyone has their own significant other, their own children and grand children. And friends...

I'm not complaining here. This is just how I feel. I love my single independence! But lets face it, this ain't Sex and the City... and I'm not "on and off" with a handsome, rich man. I'm just a regular girl, looking for a good guy who can accept me for all my imperfections. If he has a big income then that's a bonus! lol In the mean time... I honestly feel like I've gotten lost in the shuffle of everyone else's lives. I am passed over and forgotten. 

It's just the way it is I suppose. I still can't explain when others ask why I'm single? Mostly, because I like it. I don't have anyone to answer to. I am so wrapped up in my own haze that I can't give enough of my time to others. I sleep random hours. I craft skincare at three in the morning. I watch movies till dawn. And that doesn't make dating easy. Because, once I give in to the notion of a relationship my lack of energy/backwards schedule becomes a problem. An ex-boyfriend actually told me he expected my love for him would inspire me to wake up..? That's the thing. I can shower a man with love. But I cannot love him enough to heal myself.

I'm putting myself out there and keeping my chin up. I'm chatting and getting to know my options. I just hope that someone can love me beyond what I've always hated about myself. Now, I have learned to live with it. I'm learning to live well with it. I love my curves, my frizzy hair and my freckles, so I can love myself for every ounce of pain and fatigue I experience, too.

That's the truth about choice! :)

My parents and siblings are patient and understanding. They give me wakeup calls and reminders when I have family commitments. They find my company more important than my energy levels. I have a few friends who make a little extra effort because they know that I am worth it. Because that's how love works, y'all. It allows us to accept things exactly the way they are. And it inspires us to find goodness in everything!

So that's it. That's what's going on in my head these days. I'm waiting on a miracle. I'm keeping busy. But my fingers are definitely crossed and I'm wishing for my plan to officially come together. I am ready for my ever after.



July 1, 2014

On This Side of the Rainbow...

I finally figured it out! The meaning to all this... This blank page. My world. This blog... It's my paradise! My eden... My place of gratitude!

I just want to be more than what the modern world has to offer. So many people are held back by their silly notions. All you have to do is accept that you are not the centre of the universe and life will be okay anyway. It's difficult, I know. And that's why I created this blog! Just give it a little time. Everything gets better with age. When you're not afraid of change, it's a blessing that can bring you closer to understanding your true self. And the world around you.

I keep thinking, I really am lucky to be able. So, I struggle with pain and fatigue. But I can walk! Albeit, slowly, I can walk. I am clearly able. Even though I fight invisible ghosts. Exhausted and outflanked. I can still push on.

And so, I will myself on...

This blog is for me to ride the wave of Easy Goodness that we're all entitled to. From birth we have the choice to be happy. I choose to be happy! The purpose for my writing, here, now, in this moment- is to motivate myself. Inspire my own soul. And, hold myself accountable. That's what the point is. That's it! To give myself a space where I can redesign my fate. This is for me!

Alas, I've always found healing upon letting my heart speak and sharing with others. Strange as it sounds. I prefer solitude. But I branch out to feel normal. Less crazy. More fit. I find prospect by venturing out into the real world and reporting back. That's exactly it. I come to this blog with a complete open mind. And the understanding that I can change the world with one simple thought posted for millions to see!

I aspire to achieve greatness. I have finally stumbled upon a forum where I can touch the audience I am meant to. I have a voice. And it is unique. I can let go of my inhibitions and try new things! And then talk about it on this blog.

I found my rainbow. And I know exactly what awaits me on the other side. This journey is already so cool!

With a humble pause. I thank you for listening.

Exhale... :)


June 28, 2014

A Perfect Gel Manicure at Home!

Welcome to the final post of my three part series on The Perfect Manicure At Home!

DIY Shellac/Gel Nail Polish Manicure

I tried to Shellac/Gel my own nails and it was quite a challenge to be honest. But I think I'll get the hang of it after a few times. My friend helped me by taking pictures as I attempted the application my first time... Problem was, I forgot a few steps! Goodness Gracious! It didn't turn out perfect but I was impressed with the shine and lustre of the polish!

After a few days the imperfections were bothering me. And because I forgot to cap my nails for each layer of polish it started to chip on one finger. So I removed the gel polish and tried again. The pink "Gotcha" is the updated colour and the purple "Grape Gum" was the original attempt. I believe this is something I could get used to. Commit to the full two hours of prep, polish, cure- and you're ready to go! I can't think of any cons for this idea. Except, maybe, if you're not serious about it, then you probably won't be happy. It takes time to learn your own technique... That being said, it's much more efficient than the traditional stuff. With regular nail polish, you can let it dry for an hour and still end up with smudges..? This is NOT the case with gel polish!

For a full tutorial on how to DIY Shellac/Gel your nails, go to Lulu and Sweet Pea and check out Melissa's awesome step by step perfection! She covers technique and professional tips! :)

I found most of my equipment on eBay, Amazon. And so many amazing colours at Nail Polish Canada!

Here's my run down...

1. Apply sunblock with a high SPF about 20 minutes before you use the UV light. Use Quench Nail & Cuticle Oil and Easy Peasy Hand & Nail Salve for a luxurious manicure. Push back & trim cuticles. Trim & file nails to desired length.

2. Wash Hands with warm soap and water.

3. Buff and file nails again, focussing on the cuticle area. Be sure to smooth away dry skin. File nail beds lightly to create a scratchy surface for better product adhesion.

4. Use an alcohol or nail cleanser soaked lint free wipe to remove dust from nails.

5. Apply a primer. This is to prepare nail surface for any liquid or gel polish. This kind of product also enhances adhesion.

6. Apply base coat. Be sure to Cap/Seal the nails first. Then paint the entire nail area. Cure for 2 minutes... Wipe nails with an alcohol or nail cleanser soaked lint free wipe. ( Melissa from Lulu & Sweet Pea says to use a dry wipe- however, I found with the Gelish brand that the dry wipe left a residue and I had to go over it again with a soaked one. I encourage you not to skip this step. It gives you a smooth surface to work on rather than a tacky layer.)

7. Apply colour coat. Be sure to Cap/Seal the nails first. Then paint the entire nail area. Cure for 2 minutes...
8. Apply one or two more colour coats. Be sure to Cap/Seal the nails before each layer. Then paint the entire nail area. Cure 2 minutes for each layer... (Tip: do three layers for good measure)

9. Apply top coat. Be sure to Cap/Seal the nails first. Then paint entire nail area. Cure for 3-5 minutes... (Tip: I like to go for five whole minutes this last round. I found that 2-3 minutes didn't quite cure the gel polish enough)

10. Use an alcohol or nail cleanser soaked lint free wipe to remove the tacky layer...

11. Wash hands with warm soap and water. Apply Quench Nail & Cuticle Oil and rub in...

Remember to CAP those nails or you will have early wear and chipping. For a great tutorial on how to CAP aka SEAL the nail's free edge, go to Manic Talons post on nail advice which includes pictures and a clear explanation of what exactly capping the nail means.

I personally didn't learn this step when I took cosmetology in high school. But it's a good trick to know for any kind of manicure. Since I forgot to CAP my nails for the base and first colour coat... my first gel manicure didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Fast forward four attempts and it's working out better.

Grape Gum by CND

Here's a picture of one of the flaws from my first try. It went on wonky for this thumb so when I did the final wipe a streak of gel polish came off too. There were also bubbles caught in the gel and early chipping since I forgot to Cap the nails for each layer...

And, here's a picture of my second try! Nearly flawless! It's just gonna take a little more practise for me to get my technique and flow in order. :)
Gotcha! by CND

So that's it! I have yet to see if it lasts two weeks like all the hype. I am obsessed with trimming my cuticles so after a week I remove the gels and start fresh. My nails are seeming stronger and growing long.

I know you want to try it out. Go ahead. Give yourself some love and do a home mani! Your hands with look gorgeous! Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this series. It was definitely time well spent for me... :)



June 25, 2014

Homemade Nail & Cuticle Oil

Welcome to the second post of my three part series on The Perfect Manicure At Home!

Say Hello to a Simple DIY Cuticle Oil

So, like I told you before here are a few reasons why doing my nails at home is important to me...
  • Creative/Fun
  • Money Saving (compared to salon visits)
  • Quality Control (using homemade & natural essentials)
  • Time Saving
  • Challenging/Mindful
  • It's my Girly Obsession!

Okay, let's get started on how to make your own cuticle oil... First, gather your ingredients and tools.

Ingredients, Empty Nail Polish Bottles, Dropper & Mini Funnel

"Quench" Cuticle Oil

2 Tsp Jojoba Oil
1 Tsp Avocado Oil
1 Tsp Cucumber Oil
1/2 Tsp Vitamin E

5 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
3 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
2 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Measure out the carrier oils into a measuring cup...
Warm in microwave for 20 seconds or so... just enough to help the oils blend.

Remove from microwave and stir gently. Now, add the vitamin E and essential oils and stir again.

Place the mini funnel in the empty nail polish bottles and pour the oils in.
If you're wondering where to find empty nail polish bottles or those nifty mini funnels go here and there...

Cap the bottles and you're good to go! It's that simple! :)

Maybe share one with a friend...

This recipe makes 1 ounce. And the empty nail polish bottles hold a half ounce each.

I chose the ingredients based on two important credentials. First, everything in this recipe is great at softening and protecting the cuticles and nail. And second, when using a UV light to cure Shellac/Gel or even dry a regular manicure, the ingredients in this cuticle oil aid in UV protection.

Plus! If you're using it daily this cuticle oil will encourage strong, healthy nail growth.

The one thing I particularly wanted out of a cuticle oil is something that didn't cause my cuticles and the skin around my nails to peel. I opt to stay away from those nasty products known as cuticle erasers... Seriously, all you need to remove the excess cuticle is a hydrating, nourishing & healing blend of oils, a warm hand soak and cuticle clippers.

Here's my nails soon after using the cuticle oil. Plus, I've been using my "Easy Peasy" Hand & Nail Salve daily so my hands and nails are super healthy and growing like crazy! This picture was taken after a trim and manicure, with the cuticle oil being the last thing I used before taking the shot. I'm quite happy with both of these recipes.

So that's it! I'm sure you guys are gonna try this one!

Be sure to use before and after each time you use a UV light either to dry or cure nails. Use daily, as often as you like.

Until next time... I'll be sharing my experience with Shellac/Gels. Let me first say, it's not as easy as I'd hoped. LOL



June 11, 2014

Homemade Handy Mani Salve

Welcome to the first post of my three part series on The Perfect Manicure At Home!

Say Hello to a Simple DIY Hand Salve!!

Ok, a few reasons why doing my nails at home is important to me...
  • Creative/Fun
  • Money Saving (compared to salon visits)
  • Quality Control (using homemade & natural essentials)
  • Time Saving
  • Challenging/Mindful
  • It's my Girly Obsession!

I'm an avid & curious DIY-er. Doing my own nails makes me feel like I've accomplished a great feat. The only problem is that I spend hours on my home manicures and they almost always smudge. And, rarely last longer than a week without noticeable wear. So, I thought "Hey, since there's all this hype about Shellac/Gel nails, why don't I just try it myself?" Ya! That's right baby! And I'm gonna share my first time with all of you!

But, before we get started, and since I'm on this natural kick -just saying NO to commercial brands- here's my homemade recipe for an All Natural Hand Salve that will make your hands say thank you...

"Easy Peasy" Hand & Nail Salve

2 Tbs Camelia Oil
2 Tbs Shea Butter
1 Tsp Soy Lecithin
1 Tsp Vitamin E

The good thing about salves is that they don't require preservatives and still last a while. However, I use vitamin E in almost every skin care recipe. Vitamin E is high in antioxidants which are both good for your skin and work to keep the final product from oxidization. Since there is no water in this recipe, the use of a full spectrum preservative is not necessary. This recipe should last about six months.

I buy most of my ingredients on line. I admit, I'm a bit obsessed with shopping on line. I just love surfing the Net! The ingredients for this recipe come from three of my favourite wholesale sites. Click on any ingredient in the list and a new link will open with the wholesale site I purchased that item from. 

You can also check out your local health food stores. Feel free to use any brands you like. This recipe isn't too fussy! I picked the ingredients based on what is best for hands and nails, as well as ingredients that have super healing properties for the days when your hands become dry & cracked from weather and hard work. This recipe is best used during a manicure or at night. It can be used any other time too, but you might need to wait a few minutes before handling things as your hands will be slippery until the oils absorb into your skin. It really only takes five minutes max! :)

Measuring spoons & cups, dropper and the ingredients...

Measure out your Beeswax, Shea Butter, Almond and Camelia Oils, Vegetable Glycerin and Soy Lecithin.

Place in pot filled one third with water... You're basically creating a make-shift double boiler. It is imperative to heat on low...
Unfortunately, I was distracted by taking pictures and didn't pay attention to the heat. It was almost all the way at medium! OMG!! So, the Vegetable Glycerin over heated and bubbled up... As you can see in the picture below, those bubbles on the surface are the Vegetable Glycerin. Now, for this recipe you can still use it. It won't hurt the salve... But if you ever over heat Glycerin in a deodorant or lotion recipe, you'd have to toss it and start from scratch. Let my lessons learned be advice to you! lol

Remove from heat and let cool a bit. Add the Vitamin E and Essential Oils...

Pour into sterile tin containers. I find these containers at New Directions Aromatics. They are my fav because they have screw on lids which makes it easier for people of all ages and abilities to open and close the container properly. And all of this helps prolong the product's shelf life.

They also come in various sizes...

Ok, now cover em up with a paper towel. This ensures no dust or, ahem, cat fur gets in there while the salve cools. lol

Leave it for about thirty minutes and when you come back it should look like this. See the bubbles? That's the Vegetable Glycerin. Once you rub your finger in there to scoop up a bit, the bubbles will disappear. These babies are ready to be capped now!

I keep the big one in my manicure kit! I gave one to my niece. And I keep the other small one at my work desk. This recipe makes six ounces...

So, I have a serious question. Will you try making this recipe yourself? Would you be interested in purchasing when I make it available to the public? Hmm... I am full of curiosity! Feel free to comment. I am interested to know what y'all think!

Stay tuned for my next post of the series... Spoiler alert! It's a natural cuticle oil!