August 1, 2016

Mantra Mondays ~ Post Two

Welcome To Mantra Mondays!

These are the words I use to comfort myself when I'm feeling disconnected. Check out more about why mantras are infinitely useful, in my first post, where I discuss the purpose of mantras and how they work. Make sure to sign up and follow along for a new mantra every month!

Mantras are basically a form of thoughtful meditation. Most of the time with meditation, you're told to empty your mind. Clear your thoughts and be aware of only your breath. This, can be quite difficult for some people. Consider a gal like me, whose mind is scattered... Finding a place of nothingness in my noggin is virtually impossible. Every corner of my imagination is constantly lit up!

In my twenties I became familiar with mantras. There were a few that I said to myself daily. Though I usually simply repeat them in my head. Encompassing and directing thoughts steers me away from my anxious, frantic heart.

Something magical happens when you repeat a mantra several times. Your breath begins to fill deeper and more easily. This allows you to stretch your lungs and relax your upper body. Once your breathing feels less forced, a shaky exhale finally steadies. Which rhythmically detoxifies your mind. In between breaths, you'll notice a gentle pause before you naturally inhale again. That is okay. Your breath is patiently shifting to the cadence of the words. Along with the rhythm of your breath you may notice that the mantra you are repeating starts to ebb and flow as well. This is because your body, your breath and your consciousness are all in order. Just let everything go!

Start with one long deep breath, close your eyes and visualize each word. As you read over the letters, feel their meaning. Breath. Repeat. And breath some more.

"Life is Easy. Life is Good. Life is Fair. I am filled with Abundance. Many Good things come to me every day. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!"

I believe the start of this mantra was inspired by some lines I read in the book The Secret. The part about life being easy and good. The Secret is one of the few books I've read almost straight through without putting it down. It is a book I definitely recommend. And, if I hadn't loaned it out and misplaced it in a sea of old friends, it would still be on my nightstand. The Secret defines the concept of The Law of Attraction. Rhonda Byrne captures your attention and keeps it for the duration of her story. Her story being that of a wide group of believers she discovered who used the powers of The Law of Attraction throughout history.

This mantra in particular is partly what inspired the name Easy Goodness and this blog! The idea of a good & easy life is all I strive for. I absolutely believe that life is meant to be simple and painless. Because it is all a state of mind.

Any negative situation is merely that of an upset in the balance of one's body/mind/spirit connection. I use this mantra to remind myself that my existence is not only about me. Life is about peace, love and kindness. And receiving what you deserve. It's not about getting what you want or think you want. Life is about giving and gratitude. And, this mantra is about trusting that everything I could possibly need is and will be provided for me. Thankfully!

When struggles occur and life seems out of control, the universe is reminding you to check your thoughts. It really is that simple friends... If your thoughts are intentional, positive and hopeful, then you are more likely to manifest a fulfilling life.



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