July 16, 2016

A Mid Summer's Eve ~ I'm So Happy To Be Back In The Game!

Well, hello there... Thanks for your patients. Luckily, I don't have many followers yet, so I am pretty sure that the only person who experienced any withdraws from this blog was me... lol... It's been a long few seasons. But good things come to those who wait. And, sometimes, intentions outweigh preparation.

Spring went by like a flash and now we're just about halfway through summer. We're having a few days of low humidity and cooler temps here in lower Ontario. Which is a blessing! So, the windows are open and the smells of bonfire & bbq are lofting in throughout the apartment. The sun is setting beautifully. It's going to be a lovely evening.

The universe brought me a great miracle!

Apple offered a promotion financing a new MacBook Pro at 0% for three months. I am so very thankful for this deal! I have some money already saved, so I know I can pay the rest before any interest kicks in. But I kept dipping into my savings for other important things like my car and I kept putting off ordering a new computer.

I just couldn't wait any longer! I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I missed this place. I missed sharing my thoughts. I missed regurgitating the things I learn every day! I missed believing that someone out there is reading my posts and feeling changed for the better. I'm so glad I stayed positive and hopeful that I would find a way to upgrade my technology and get back on board this train to self fulfillment!

I was able to make small updates after work and on my iPhone. But it just isn't the same to write a post on another computer, and my thumbs got sore trying to write on my phone. Plus, I couldn't access the photos I needed. I am so thankful I finally have a new laptop. Now I have to get wifi! lol

This happy package was delivered to me a day early! I had to get ready for work soon after, so like Christmas eve, I waited till I got home from work to open her up, get all excited and have a big girly screech because I just could not contain myself! haha

Set up didn't take long. I still have to fully migrate my old computer. So, I'm going to clean that one up and only move the necessities over. I love apple products! They make MY life so much easier!

Introducing PRIMA McApple (lol)

Don't ask why I named my computer... ;) just go with it. I name my plants too. 

This was just a stop in to let y'all know I'm back in the game and ready to play. My technology is up to date and I've got lots of notes from the last seven months to put into action. I also have lots of good news to share! But it's too much for one post so I'll break it up over the next few weeks. I feel so lucky! My life is filled with abundance!

Holding my breath,


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