September 8, 2014

Something To Wait For...

Time will tell.
Slipping down the rabbit hole,
I hold on to
A constant flow
Of energy surrounds me,
Keeps me still.
What will time tell?
That is on a
Need-to-know basis.
I hold on to
A constant rhythm
Of energy cocoons me,
Keeps me growing.
Time will bring truth.
Passing through like
Liquid silence.
I hold on to
A constant vibe
Of energy inside of me
Keeps me going.

Nourish your inner child and never stop reaching for the stars! Always do what's right for you... :)



September 7, 2014

You're Never Really Alone...

Let me start by admitting that I am not the most successful individual when it comes to nurturing my current relationships. But, for the most part I have a small handful of good friends and family members who tolerate my backward schedule and sleep/pain challenges... I have yet to find a gentleman who can give me love amidst my struggle to be an active part of other's lives. In light of this- and my tendency to hesitate upon the chance of making new friends,  I owe a shout out to my family members and friendly peeps who have stuck by me all these years. Your patience and love encourage me to find strength in everything I do. :)


So the summer has officially come to an end... Soon we will be getting ready to wrap up and settle in for the cooler weather. But for now, I'm feeling nostalgic and finally getting around to sharing my post about a little wine and cheese party I hosted for my best and oldest girls!

We bought some wine. And of course goat, havarti and provolone cheeses! The crackers were Whole Wheat Ritz and Rosemary & Garlic Triscuits! OMG! DELISH! 

Of course we took some pictures to mark the occasion.

It was actually this little lady's birthday celebration...

Selfie Plus One!

I have learned over the last fifteen years that people aren't always who we expect. Relationships either grow with the changes of individual lives, or they come to an end. But there are some friendships that tend to root deeper than most. And these relationships are written in the stars. You cannot take them for granted. Sometimes people drift apart. But you know the best of friends can spend months on their own and get back together like no time has passed. However, with todays technologies it is no excuse to keep a distance. So, Trust that you are never alone. You can always reach out to your loved ones. They shall not judge you... 

Keep Your Heart Open
It will always guide you in the right direction!