I started cooking before the age of ten. My parents worked in the city and I'd prepare dinner to help out. The problem was I only knew how to cook wieners & beans or mr. noodle soup lol... Eventually, my mom and step father decided to teach me how to cook stir-fry. They began introducing me to other meals that required minimal to moderate prep work. I would get the ingredients prepped, then my step father and I would cook the meal together, when he got home.

I always helped out in the kitchen when I was a kid. I didn't like cleaning up, but I loved cooking! I still do! But, as I got older my relationship with food changed and my desire to cook only comes in waves now. It is my goal to get back to making real food and sharing that wholesomeness with you here on the blog!


When I was growing up my Dad kept fresh water fish and turtles. He also kept newts and crabs. And he called the 75 gallon aquarium his "wildarium". When I moved out on my own in my twenties, my dad offered the big aquarium to me. I'd been taking care of it most of my teenage years. He'd help, and mostly bought the fish. But I regularly cleaned it out and rearranged the aquascape. It becomes quite meditative when working with underwater design.

From there on I had the 75 gallon aquarium set up in my apartments for over ten years. But it was old, and eventually started leaking. So for now it's retired to my dad's garage and when I own a home, I plan to re-caulk the seems and set it up again. In the meantime, I have a handful of smaller tanks that fit better in a single bedroom apartment.


I am eager to one day build a large Aquaponics Greenhouse and grow organic produce for my family all year round. I will sell the extra bounty for profit and become a greater part of my community, too! I find the concept of Aquaponics intriguing. It could be the most self-sustaining form of agriculture! For a brief explanation about this topic you can go Here or Here.

Until I own a home and have the space for a large garden and greenhouse, I am learning to grow a container garden on my balcony. I keep over a dozen house plants. And in the winter I also try to grow a few herbs indoors.

My Awesome Indoor Winter Garden Fail...
What I Really, Really, Really Want...
In The Garden And My First Harvest


Coming soon...


I make most of my own skin care. There are still a few things I purchase because I cannot make it myself or I have not yet perfected it. When I read the ingredients of items I find on store shelves, I usually put them back. Then my mind goes off on a race to make something similar that is actually good for me! Other than an interest in beauty and a few cosmetology classes in high school, I have no training. I just follow a lot of bloggers and read everything I can get my hands on when it comes to natural products or things I can D.I.MY (Do It Myself)!


I must have been writing since I was five because I can't remember a time that I didn't carry some sort of pen and paper on me. Although now I just use my phone to record notes, ideas, etc. But the kind of writer I am cannot be classified into one category. I don't follow the rules of the classroom. I write what I feel. I write to inspire others. And, I write for myself. So, I can let it all go. Sometimes I'm a poet, other times I'm a philosopher. Most of the time I'm just trying to direct my own soul. Writing is a part of me that I was born with. It's my gift.

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