June 11, 2015

What I Really, Really, Really Want To Do...

It all started with Lucky and Boo...

I had two bamboo plants that I combined because at the time it made sense. (lol) At my old apartment Lucky-Boo shared a window with another plant I've had for over ten years now. In that window my bamboo flourished. It's leaves were emerald green. And it just kept growing. One day I decided to trim it down a bit. I'd heard that plants actually require some pruning which encourages new growth. I kept the trimmings in a vase with water because they were really pretty. You know those babies sprouted roots! So, I planted the trimmings in dirt topped with stones.

Unfortunately, my first attempt at unwittingly propagating a plant was unsuccessful and the trimmings died. But, Lucky-Boo still continued to grow long thick deep green leaves. And new shoots sprouted out.

A while later (in fact last winter) I trimmed some cuttings again. But this time I paid better attention to nurturing them. I kept them in a large mayo jar. I left the water level at only a few inches and I changed it every week or so. I also took the time to rinse the individual bamboo cuttings at each water change. I think that step helped prevent moulds from taking over. I also learned by this point that bamboo doesn't really like dirt. It is happiest in gravel sized stones. And the water level should never be higher than the stones...

Another interesting factor I did differently this time is that I kept the cuttings all together in the large mayo jar for over four months. When I finally potted those babies the roots were about three inches in length! I think time made all the difference!

I placed two cuttings in each vase and gave two of those away. I'm keeping the third one and I named her Tes... (Yes, I name all my plants, lol)

The feeling I had after giving away my babies was really humbling. It made me realize my purpose in life, a little more. And in one single epiphany EVERYTHING came together.

I want to grow plants for a living. I'd like to bring more awareness to Aquaponics and other self sustaining techniques. Since I'd rather spend my days in the garden than working at an office I think it would be a blessing to grow organic produce to sell locally. And, manage a nursery of seedlings, flowers and bamboo! My goal is to make it a year round production because I plan to grow indoors in large greenhouses. I might even have a worm farm!

So this is my new dream! I'm warmed by the memories of when I used to follow my grandma around her massive garden. My sister and I would pick strawberries, peas and cucumbers and eat them right there. I know I inherited my green thumb from my grandma. So, when I visit her in the nursing home I am eager to tell her about my houseplants and the vegetable I'm trying to grow. :)

What are your big dreams? Do you believe they really come true? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Sometimes, just knowing what you want is enough to make it happen...

Be Free To Choose,


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