January 27, 2015

And so God Created a Blogger...

And so God Created a Blogger

They called us prophets...
We were revered as oracles.
Foretellers of the great future.

We became known as philosophers.
During a time of great thinkers.
We were the enlightened ones...

Over centuries our names have changed.
But truth be told we are really angels.
And though many hats we've come to wear.
Only one fits in this twenty first century.

Now, we are simply known as bloggers!

Others need something to believe in.
And we are the ones who inspire...
People need something to learn from.
So we publish our life stories for example...

Yes, we are simply known as bloggers!

Interwoven by an international movement.
Embracing our voices and speaking from the heart.
Creating change within our own lives,
And sharing for the world to discover.

We are made by god's hand.
Touched by a vision of perfection.
And ingrained with goodness.

We are still prophets, oracles and philosophers.
Our wings always allow us to fly.
But with a flash of light and the blink of an eye
We've grown with the earth over time.

We are bloggers. By many names.
Messengers delivered by god.

- Angélique Dawn ~ 2015 -

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