July 26, 2012


Beginning is the hardest part... :)

I feel that the last few years have sparked a redo inside me that wants nothing more than to become less dependent on commercialism... The fear of being stranded on a deserted island crept deep into my psyche and launched a series of what ifs? What if this product is discontinued? What if it's a lie and I've wasted my money? What if the carcinogens are making me sick?

Okay, so I googled a lot! Who hasn't been caught googling at three in the morning these days? I've googled things like homemade skincare, herbal lozenges, natural pain relief... In the process I found a source of knowledge that has always been with me. Call it intuition, woman's nature, the fact that I'm a hippie living behind my time... call it what you will, but I am reconnecting with the certainty that I belong here and everything I need is provided for me.

Generations of women have known this for thousands of years. Yet, these days it seems that everything you could possibly want is available at the nearest pharmacy, supermarket, box store & even via the internet. Generations of women have forgotten what they were born with. Everything is processed by some other guy now, so why would you need to know how to make it? Because that "other guy" really does not care about your welfare.

I choose to live a conscious lifestyle. I am a new born naturalist ready to spread my wings with the help of the greatest resources on line... My blog idols!! In just a few months I have absorbed so much useful, interesting information. I am so very thankful that I have found these bloggers to follow. They keep me posted on all kinds of ideas. Mostly, I am happy to find voices I can relate to. Voices that tell stories of what I dream about... Women who strive to create natural homes for themselves, their children and loved ones. Women who trust in the gift of instinct and nurture because love is always the answer.

My greatest dreams are here and now, coming true at every moment! I just have to remember that I can live a sustainable existence. And develop a circle of trust with my community. Welcome to Easy Goodness. A forum for my trials & errors in living naturally...