July 16, 2015

In The Garden And My First Harvest

I'm in love with growing plants! And, intrigued by the prospect of growing produce. In my garden I am growing vegetables of all sorts! Well, to be honest just a few. But enough to keep me busy in the wee hours of the morning. :)

I've managed to keep my Swiss Chard lettuce alive for a few months now. I had started with spinach, leafy lettuce and the swiss chard but it was just too crowded and no one was happy. So I pulled up and tossed the other guys because they were yucky, then repositioned the swiss chard to give each bushel more space. I especially like Swiss Chard lettuce because it stands tall instead of drooping over and getting mushy in the dirt.

I learned quickly that lettuce needs to be pruned back often! At first, I was just pruning the largest/tall leaves to give the plants balance. But by mid june I was harvesting and eating home grown lettuce in my salads. Boo Ya! :)

I have two types of tomatoes. Super sweet tomatoes. And baby cherry tomatoes. So far I've harvested two big red sweet tomatoes! And one little cherry tomato... lol

My cucumbers and dill are growing tall. I wish I'd given the cucumbers a trellis to grow on in the beginning instead of tomato cages. But, I added a few long poles for those babies to twist and tie themselves around as they climb. The cucumbers have started to produce fruit (tiny cucumbers) after these lovely yellow flowers bloomed. I am growing Straight Eights and Baby Pickling cucumbers. I am super excited to jar some pickles this year. Garden gods willing...

I was shopping for more garden accessories at the Dollarama and I stumbled upon this little guy... He's a thermometer! And, I love frogs! So, he's my little garden frog hanging on the window above the herbs.

This is the first place I want to go after work. Actually, I go out on my balcony to look at my plants almost every time I come home from anywhere. The reality of growing a garden is a learning curve every day. I recently drilled holes in my vegetable pots and added the basin tubs so I can water the plants from the bottom. I'd read in a book that tomato plants are never to be watered from the top. And, I learned the idea to use the basin tubs from my aunt when she shared pictures of her tomato plants in containers on the sun deck.

One positive thing about my growing efforts this year is the lessons and advice I've gathered. I have a ton of notes. I keep gardening books on my bedside table. And, I scour the internet for the best tips. I look forward to next year's growing season when I will have a better plan and understanding of the cycles that plants transition through during the seasons.

For now, I just love being surrounded by the green and colourful life I've created and guided along with my own two hands. I am grateful for the experience.

What are you growing this year? Have you received much bounty from your garden? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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