February 13, 2023

Mantra Monday ~ Post Nine

I am not sure when this mantra came to me but it's been in my immediate repertoire lately. I'm feeling a little unsettled. It's just the stressors in the world affecting me. The worst of the winter depression is over though and I'm feeling more joyful. Man do I hate winter! Spring is my favourite season and I'm looking forward to having more creative energy to execute the things that matter to me most.

I want to be well and stable. I want to trust that the universe's plan for me is unfolding as it was meant to. And, when that trust is shaken, I return to this mantra to guide me through the motions of feeling out of control.

I highly recommend trying it out if you're feeling down or facing any struggles. Breath deeply and say this mantra whilst closing your eyes and embracing the words with certainty. Then repeat. :)

"I ask for wellness and security; to replace fear with faith and indifference with love. I trust that feeling at ease is my natural state."

~ Namaste ~


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