January 15, 2015

A Make Over For The Season ~ In Celebration Of Change!

From the very beginning I've been trying to do it my way! I often feel that I want to join in with the others, but I never want to follow along. Until, finally- I break down and try what's all the hype! Then, I wonder what took me so long...

I have a lot of imagination, but only so much patience and my drive is sometimes questionable. The thing is, lately I can't shake this feeling of dissatisfaction. I hope that when I move to my new "home" that feeling will fade and be replaced with comfort and joy. I look forward to the new scents, sights and sounds I will come to know in the near future. For now, I've started packing, I am vigorously looking for a new apartment and I'm trying to keep it cool. But my heart is up in my throat, I can't take it much longer! lol

I have my mind set on a particular apartment. Well, it's a building that I have "inside information" that a two bedroom is coming available. I'm on the waiting list. I received an email that their tenants only have to give thirty days notice so I hope that I am at the top of the list and they reach out to me on February 1st. It's a bit more than I wanted to spend but it has an indoor pool and sauna. I haven't even seen it in person. I just fell in love with it on the site. For the prices of what's out there I don't mind paying a little more for better amenities.

I plan to go see some more places over the next few weekends. I don't want to settle for what's easiest like I did when I moved in to my current place. I need to learn to live more frugally. Choosing a home because it's cheap does not suit me anymore. I deserve the best!

I expect that paying more for where I live will teach me to take my money spending habits more seriously. I hope it does... Because I've concluded that frivolous spending is a side effect of being a commercial junkie! As much as I preach that I am trying to keep it simple- I still can't get over my ingrained fear of not having enough. And I am so easily convinced that I do need things. Whether I buy it from a big company or a hand crafted local business I am still acquiring more and more things every day! I need to go on a spending fast lol...

I've noticed that many of the bloggers I follow have recently had facelifts. And most of them maintain only one side bar throughout their blog. I didn't want to get on that band wagon for a long time, but I figured with the new year, the new home search and the itch I can't seem to scratch, I might as well update the blog too! It's ironic too because I was having difficulty getting my gadgets/etc. to fit efficiently. I had way too many photos (for no reason), and I couldn't get the recommended sized adds to fit in either side bar. My stubbornness was a big challenge to overcome, I suppose.

I removed the left side bar, made the right side bigger, fiddled for a few days with the layout and I think I am happy with how it looks now. I still like the way my blog flows like a journal/diary. But with all those pictures and fillers my posts seemed crowded and lost in the stream. I think I've got it balanced now. The main posts will get much more attention as they have space to breathe. And my OCD can rest for a while...

Going along with the popular kids is quite an achievement within itself. It's an attitude like that which will lead to my success. You have to follow the trend to keep the public's interest. I'm not a copy cat. I don't like trying to be like anyone else. However, I want to make a greater impact on my readers. I want them to come away feeling changed for the better when they read these pages. I want my fans to grow with me. And I believe that following those who have created their own success will help me to do so. No worries, I'll always be keeping it real! ;)

Feeling Restless,


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