June 18, 2015

After a Season of Settling in I am Home...

This place. My new home. It's perfect! I am so thankful every single day! Filled with glee! Excited and alive again. I am certain that I have the ability to make anything happen. I would not be where I am right now, at this moment, if I didn't believe in that ability. All I have to do is imagine... Even when I couldn't visualize exactly what I was looking forward, I focussed on the feeling I was hoping for. I pretended I was already sitting somewhere new thanking the universe for guiding me there!

Welcome to my apartment! It's so nice to show you around.

Here's what you see upon opening the front door...

...And, with the door closed.

Here's a close up of the dining room window...

And, a shot of the dining room as seen from my most favourite perspective. The couch! lol...

Take about ten strides forward and turn around. You'll see the living room from the dining area. It's a quaint little place I live in. I am overjoyed with the knowledge that I've made it to where I belong. I wanted to be here. I was most attracted to this location and the amenities of this building. I could not have asked for anything more! I received what I truly deserve. A clean, quiet & secure home. And, the people who live in Tecumseh are so friendly!

I tried to picture every angle of the apartment... Here's a shot from the balcony. The living area is actually really spacious! And there is a ton of closet/storage space. My apartment is just right for me. I am very lucky to have received such a blessing. I keep finding more things to be thankful for too! How awesome is that!?

Now, out on my balcony I have an oasis in the sky. A bird's eye view of the neighbourhood. The cats like to sit out there with with me. It's nice to have a little outdoor space. And it's especially great that my balcony is kind of private. I worked on a few projects to make use of this airy space. I put up chicken wire so the cats are safe. I'm growing a container garden of herbs and vegetables. As well as strawberries. I put up a beach umbrella for shade in the afternoon. And, I added a few splashes of colour with flower pots!

So, life is great on the home front. Work is good, but so busy and often overwhelming these days. I am especially thankful for my balcony oasis on those days. It's like a sunroom. My happy place.

~ Namaste ~


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