August 4, 2016

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post Two


1) My Job:
~ I am forever thankful to my boss for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the company I work for. It's my first office job and I've been working there for almost seven years now. It's busy and hard, but also fun and rewarding. I work with some awesome people and we have potlucks almost every month! lol It's a nice place to work.

2) My Apartment:
~ I am lucky to live in such a charming and quiet apartment that is well maintained and worth every penny! Read This Post for a longer story of how cozy my home is! I really enjoy my independence and living in this wonderful neighbourhood lets me be free and relaxed too. Home is a feeling. And my place feels like home!

3) My Friends:
~ I've heard that if you can count the amount of friends you have on one hand then you're a rich person. I must be blessed with great fortune, because I have old friends, close friends and new friends and I'm very thankful for all of them. No matter how lonely I may sometimes feel I always have a few good friends I can count on.

What are you thankful for? Do you take the time to write down your blessings? I know I should write more, which is why I decided to add a theme of gratitude to the blog.

Let's focus on appreciating what we have here and now rather than wasting energy complaining about what we don't have. So, take your time. And write it down for yourself as often as you can think of something new. It might surprise you how big your list turns out to be.

I'm going to try to publish a Thankful Thursdays post every week. I want to share my reasons for being grateful no matter how big or small they might be. I hope you follow along and leave comments about the things you're thankful for too!

~ Namaste ~


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