August 15, 2021

Mantra Monday's ~ Post Eight

The world has changed and continues to evolve into a place that is both familiar and foreign to me. This is home. Yet, I feel estranged from my friends, family and colleagues most days. I've been thinking much about my carbon footprint, lately. But I am more concerned about what we're imprinting on those who will inherit this earth. I believe that the best thing I can do is to take care of myself. I can change the world by improving just one thing. Me!

I have learned that being good to ones' self starts with changing the monologues in our heads. I am quite open about social anxiety and how it's affected my life greatly. Long before it was socially widespread. Anxiety and the monologues are connected. I am still growing. And growth is partly understanding ourselves better. As a grown woman who is loved by kind and generous souls, I can't figure why I generally feel insecure. Why do my thoughts immediately leap to self-sabotage when anticipating social settings?

This mantra came to me one night when I couldn't fall asleep easily. Most of my mantras do, LOL... I ponder over happenings of the day and sort through my emotions regarding certain events.

"I am deserving. I am worthy. I am an important part of my community. My light shines through. And, the world is a better place for it."

I want to be able to trust my community. At times that I have to join the party, in order to keep myself cool -I breath deep and calmly repeat this sort of mantra in the back of my mind. It helps muffle that nasty monologue.

~ Namaste ~


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