April 23, 2015

Out With The Old...

I did not expect this long journey of change would consume so much of my time that I'd refrain from blogging for such a long period... Nearly two months have gone by since I last posted anything new. I do apologize for that. I can guarantee it won't happen again. At least, not in the near future. :)

I may have been quiet on the blog but I have been quite busy in the real world. I moved in the middle of march and since then I've been working overtime just about every day! I love that I have the opportunity to work so much and make the extra money. But it's really taking a toll on me spiritually and creatively. In fact I know I could have written these last weeks but I just didn't have the energy. Or, the inspiration. Even though I am ridiculously happy. I'm just not "On" these days...

I didn't have pictures on my computer to show the before and after of this grand adventure. So my plan to write an epic series of blog posts about my move just didn't seem to fall in to place. But, here are a few pics of the old place upon packing it all up.

This last picture belonged to my parents when I lived in the first house I grew up in. It has a partner with a longer phrase but this one is my favourite. I truly believe that smiles and a joyful spirit are contagious. Everyone genuinely means well. We just get wrapped up in our own bullshit that we forget to smile sometimes.

I had this picture and a bunch of other items from my parents up until this last move. They were pieces of my childhood. I donated the things I needed to let go of. I'm not gonna lie. It was hard to say goodbye to many items. But it was time.

It's interesting to note how dark the colours were in my last place. I didn't realize how dim it was at the time...

I'll write another post about my new apartment shortly. I just needed a jump-start to get back in the groove of writing & posting again. So there we have it. The end of an era! Shake it off!

I am excited for this wonderful new beginning. And blessed to be guided by angels.

Thanks for listening,


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