April 24, 2015

The Air Upon My Face...

I just want to be outside.
Touching the grass.
Feeling the air upon my face.
I want to break out of this corner!
Find a new purpose
And leave this place.
I just want to go outside.
Hear the breeze in the trees.
See the birds give chase.
If I could go outside...

I just want to be outside.
Sitting quietly.
Feeling the air upon my face.
I want to get out of this corner!
Stop holding my breath
And leave this place.
I just want to lay outside.
Bathe in the sun's rays.
Drop out of the race.
Lets go outside...


It's spring and I'm wishing for some fresh air. And when it finally gets here I won't have much time to enjoy it because I work nights. I could enjoy the day, if I woke up earlier. But I don't really like the daytime. It's too bright! On the weekends I get up earlier (or stay up altogether) to enjoy the day and get errands done. I basically work afternoons and sleep a midnight schedule. My bedtime is between 6am to 8am. And I usually wake up by 4pm. So I'm cooped up (at work) during my peak hours... The early evening is my favourite time of day. I love a good sunset!

Ah, if I could be outside more often life would be a little more breezy. Hmm, I think I'm gonna get back in the habit of going for a walk on my break. Yea! That should help me feel less stress. And give me the pick up that I need to get through the busy work day!

The poem is just a rant by the way. I feel better, thanks! ;)


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