June 21, 2021

Mantra Mondays ~ Post Seven

I am doing my best to become minimalist. But, I have to be honest -it's not easy. It's not easy to turn off the want that plagues me with insecurity. Advertisements are relentless. Community creates peer pressure. I am left to feel that if I don't get the things that others find to be essential, I won't fit in. No one wants to feel that way. Even those of us who say others' opinions don't matter. We still prefer to fit in when we can. That's the human condition. It's an empowering sensation to feel that you belong. No one really wants to be on the side lines -benched.

There is always something that captures my interest. Leading me to want newness to make that interest attainable. I so easily forget that time is irrelevant. And nothing that I really want needs to be had now. Again, another idea that isn't quite so easy to follow. I try not to be influenced by all the noise around me. I trust that I have enough. I am very much aware of my tendencies to fall for false truths. I am learning to accept that I don't need things to be happy. Nothing is more urgent than ones own peace of mind.

This mantra helps me maintain control over my spending habits. It helps me trust that I have everything I need. It reminds me to find other ways to satisfy my cravings for more. Instead of buying something new, I try looking for something I already have that I can repurpose. It's a challenge against my ego. Every day.

"Everything I need is readily available to me. There is nothing I shall want. I am grateful for every blessing that the universe provides."

I know these words are a long time concept that religions & spiritual practices take into account. It's a recycled idea that I found a new way of saying. Trust in the universe or whatever you call the light that guides you. Abundance is our birthright. Wanting is a learned behaviour.

~ Namaste ~


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