July 6, 2021

The Biggest Love Of My Life Is A Total Mama's Boy!


Meet Kenji! He came into my life when I was ready and looking for a new family member three years ago. I was at PetSmart to buy new fish and as I always do, I browsed the adoption kitties. I just want to pet them all, don't you? :)

I approached a cage where this little grey cutie caught my eye. His two brothers were wrestling and hadn't noticed me at all. But, Kenji came up for some pets through the cage. I asked if I could take him out to hold him. And the moment he was in my arms, I fell in love.

The best part is that I adopted him through the humane society. He had been fostered since he was approximately five weeks old. I attribute that early human socialization as to why he is such an affectionate cat. He was named by his fosters and I liked the name, so I kept it. It suits him well. He's such a mama's boy! He fills my heart which adds to my inner peace. He is one of my soul mates and a true best friend.

I started working remotely in March 2020. Kenji loves having me working from home. He is my desk buddy! For the most part he sleeps on one side of the desk -often taking up more than half... He cuddles my arms and uses my hand as a pillow. He likes to steal my pens and desperately wants to be included when I'm on Skype calls. He bugs for attention by head butting my face with kisses or playing with the headphone wire. Lol. It can be annoying sometimes. But it's super adorable how much he just wants to be with me.

I am blessed to have been at that particular PetSmart, during the 2018 spring adoption weekend. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met the biggest love of my life. He's my Kenji-Boy, my Bubby, my Kenji-The-Grey... He's my protector and the best company a single gal could ask for. I am absolutely grateful that he chose me.

Go ahead and leave a pic of your fur-babies in the comments below. Share why your pets are unique and how they make your house a home. Thanks for stopping by!


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laydilyke said...

Boy cats are great cuddlers. And of course great companions.