February 13, 2013

Reality Check...

I have lived thirty odd years wishing for things I don't have or even want because commercialism tells me that I need it. Now I know that everything I could ever ask for is already within me. And of course the world around me is a wonder of tools for me to harness and create a well balanced life naturally... Only, it's not that simple anymore. The reality of big business and corporate sellouts is pushing up on us from every corner of the world. As it grows and creates more need for the unnecessities it promotes, we, the consumers, and the ones who have inherited the earth are no more the wiser.

Up until a few years ago, I was perfectly content to live as I did. Expecting that everything I wanted would be given to me. Or, available for me to purchase. But I was anxious about the products I loved, desperately wishing they wouldn't be discontinued... ugh! That was my biggest pet peeve. So, I tended to purchase double, or even tripple of the items I thought I needed- just in case. Ultimately, believing in commercialism made me quite insecure. I had a recurring vision of being stranded on an island and not having my toiletries with me! As any woman would imagine that is a nightmare. But, for me in particular (I have very white, freckly, dry and sensitive skin) it is painful what the sun and weather can do to us when we don't have protection. And without the proper treatment, a small cut can be life threatening... So, again we find ourselves buying into the notion that medicine is only medicine if it has some big pharmaceutical company name on it. And a product is only effective if it's expensive... But I've learned that medicine is everywhere. Most necessities I can make or grow myself. Besides, all medicine, natural or synthetic originate from some sort of plant/animal species.

I have been intrigued about the natural side of things for years, but I never really knew how much damage I was exposed to until it was too late. I've struggled with disordered sleep issues my entire life. And a year ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & depression. The sleep trouble was likely a symptom. Both soft tissue diseases and depression come from my genetic make up (Mum's and Dad's side), but I also believe that I struggle because of the fillers and chemicals that commercial brands contain. Food... Cosmetics & Toiletries... Household Cleaners... Available at my local store. I have spent a lifetime depending on them. Not anymore! I am weening myself onto natural, self made options. And in the meantime, I've found the ambition to create my own natural brand! It all started with Lip Balm! But the purpose for that big picture is to take better care of myself from the inside-out and to share that goodness with the people I love. And the people they love... and so on.

This is only my second post, and they may seem few and far between- but, I promise you as I find my niche, research and experiment to cultivate a productive home and small business, I will write more. I spend most of my time reading and learning these days. About the future I am interested in creating. My first big grown up decision is to start saving for a house. It's a few years off, but I think this is the beginning of a new me. I look forward to sharing my realistic dreams with you, as they come true. After all, life is easy. And good. :)

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