February 19, 2015

These Three Things Make A Humble Heart...


I have spent many nights laying in bed trying to sleep but my mind and heart race to make sense of the day and life in general. I need closure with everything. I analyze things over and over until I'm ready to let go... It's no surprise I'm a writer.

In my young adult years I wrote in a journal almost every night. I'd start off with a piece of random verse. It was a code of thoughts pertaining to events and circumstance around me with an eloquent twist that proved to be a magical instant journey for the soul. I'd follow those paragraphs with a journal entry written in plain english. Venting my heart to the ruled lines of spiral notebooks, while tears rolled down my cheeks staining the pages. I have about six notebooks filled. I compiled the paragraph sized poetic pros in a manuscript that is over one hundred pages in length. For a girl who never finishes anything, I sure have a lot to work with...

One day I saw a female doctor on Oprah who discussed a lot of cool things regarding women's health; specifically, women in menopausal years -which I am not. But her advice on feeling one's best was a hundred percent true! I wish I could remember her name, but I am at a loss. I apologize for that. Because her best advice changed my bedtime journal ritual.

She explained that each night we have the opportunity to harness the energy of the day for the best. To obtain freedom and negate worry. It's also the perfect time to practice gratitude. Send it all out to the universe. Let it go. And be grateful...

Now I write just three things:

  1. What I really, really, really want...
  2. What the happiest part of my day was...
  3. What I am most thankful for...

Daily Blessings/Prayer Journal

I've been writing bedtime prayers and considering the things in life that are positive more often for over five years now. Some nights I am too tired to physically write them down because I've forgotten and am already curled up in bed. So, those nights I go over the day and ask for blessings in the manner of these three statements in my head.

It helps me sleep better. I believe in myself and my dreams more. And it makes me view the day through a positive lens instead of whining with teenaged angst. Overall, it's changed my life because it helps open my heart.

If you're trying to create a bigger sense of joy throughout the day, then you should give this a try. Write down these three things at night before you go to sleep. If you already have some sort of bedtime ritual that helps settle your mind while giving thanks to the universe, than leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!



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