June 12, 2017

Mantra Mondays Post Three

Welcome back to Mantra Mondays! This one's a quickie! I say it to myself often when I'm insecure. Sometimes I get anxious and overwhelmed feeling less than adequate. At those times, this short mantra is a life saver. It's a solid reminder that no matter how I feel. I am good enough.

The picture of the small aloe against the big aloe inspires me. They are both magnificent. Equal in stout and intention. They only differ in size. The image sets the stage for a deep and serious stream of thought. Focus on the two aloes as you breathe in and slowly exhale. Repeat the mantra three times. Breathe deeply. And continue the mantra repetitions for at least thirty seconds. However, three to five minutes will give you invigorating results!

I am strong. I am plenty. I am whole.

Yes. You are! :)

~ Namaste ~


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