September 12, 2019

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post Eight


1) Friends Near & Far:
I am always thankful for my friends (and family), but recently I've been reminded of how lucky I am to have people at my back. People who will fight for and with me. People who will listen, help me grow and change with the winds. I am thankful for my friends who live close and for the few friends who live away. Two things friends do best is tell it to you straight (especially when you don't wanna hear it) and cheer you up when you're down. That's what good friends are for. Laughter and love.

2) Second Chances:
~ I know I overreact. A lot of the time. It's something I'm working on. I'm quick to speak my mind without thinking twice, or three times, or four... When I'm really passionate or upset I become like thunder and lightning. I am thankful that the people I really care about, care enough about me to forgive and move on.

3) Letting Go Of Bad Habits:
~ I need to start meditating. I need to learn to manage my emotional triggers better. Everything just takes time. It takes time to fall apart. It takes time to realize it. And it takes time to put it all back together. But changing what you don't like about yourself takes a lifetime. Or, so it seems. I want to break the cycle of emotions that lead me into spirals of self doubt. I am thankful that the universe has it's way of telling me - it's time.

~ Namaste ~


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