March 11, 2021

Thankful Thursday ~ Post 10


1) Comedians:
I am absolutely grateful for professional comedians who have kept me entertained throughout the last year. I've always liked good comic relief, but being alone for quarantine and working from home have turned comedy specials into my favourite pastime that keeps me company.

2) Delivery Services:
~ I admit I got swept up in the idea of going out into public being unsafe for a while this past year. Living with anxiety during a global pandemic can be difficult. But it can be a blessing too. I have been able to use the various services to get food delivered to my door when I was too anxious to be around strangers. I have always preferred to shop online and have it delivered. It's a wonderful convenience to get groceries and toiletries delivered now, as well.

3) The Weather Break:
~ It's March 11, and spring has already made an appearance here in southern Ontario. I don't know about you, but spring is my favourite time of the year! I am thankful for a break in the long, cold days and I look forward to seeing the neighbourhood in it's full lush bounty again!

~ Namaste ~


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