April 5, 2021

Mantra Mondays ~ Post Six


It's been a rough haul lately, hasn't it? Seems as though the last year has been one long restless dream. 2020 was a big year of self discovery for me. I am sure it's been a time of growth for all of us. We've had a lot of life's challenges these days. I've been thinking lately that the modern serenity prayer has been in our vocabulary all along. "It is what it is". We have to embrace what is. And, accept what isn't. And, we have to to trust that patience and faith are one in the same.

I haven't used this mantra much myself. It's a newer one I'd saved in my list of positive ideas which wasn't complete. I keep bits and pieces and put them together after a while. I believe what's most important nowadays is learning to appreciate community again. We've all been distanced from one another. Normal is never going to be the same again. But, we can make the best of it. For someone like me, I've had a lot of practice being locked down. Not by the government, but by my own will. Or, lack thereof.

I am always curiously looking out and up. I've spent a lifetime living enclosed by a glass layer making me feel exposed and estranged from the world all at once. Anxiety does that to me. Being stuck at home due to Covid restrictions is something I can live with. I'm accustomed to being alone and prefer smaller social scenes. I find it really hard to relate to others who are most irritated by this lingering situation.

I honestly haven't got any good advice for anyone right now. So, when you feel overwhelmed and stir crazy, keep this mantra in mind.

"I trust in the universe. I trust in myself. And I trust that kindness exists in others. Life is filled with miracles!"

We're all in this together! And, it's proven that we work better together. So, let's believe in ourselves and each other! We can all benefit from trusting that the universe provides miracles every day.

~ Namaste ~


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