April 15, 2021

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post 11


1) My Mum:
I am blessed to have such wonderfully loving and supportive parents. I've said it plenty of times. But today, I'm especially thankful that my mother is the woman I was gifted with. She is patient, strong and understanding. She leads by example and offers a helpful hand any time I need her. My mum gave me roots and wings to always remain grounded but to also let my spirit soar. She continues to teach me to stand tall and find courage in myself every day.

2) Having Patience:
~ I am exercising my patience muscles much lately. With myself, others and daily challenges. It's a hard truth to accept when you can't change things you greatly desire to. But I don't give up. I must remain patient and focussed on my personal goals to achieve my dreams. I have lots of time to smell the flowers as I follow the path to my plan.

3) Work Experience:
~ I am quite happy at my job. I am grateful that I have been working throughout the vast changes in the world this last year. I've worked with the same company for over eleven years now. I receive emails from recruiters through my linked-in profile about once a season. Though I have no intentions to leave my job, it's a wonderful feeling to see other companies are impressed in me. I've invested a lot of time in my career. It's good to know I have options. I've gained a great deal of confidence in myself whilst working remotely and I look forward to starting my work day most often. :)

~ Namaste ~


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