August 5, 2021

Thankful Thursdays ~ Post Twelve


1) Like Minded People:
~ I've noticed lately that colleagues and friends are borrowing my vocabulary. It's a compliment that people who are skilled at what they do, follow my lead. Simple things like saying "my pleasure" instead of "no problem" are what I started being conscious of during small talk. It's made a vast difference in my attitude. I am super thankful that others are adopting similar mindsets, which encourages me to stay positive.

2) Health Benefits:
~ I have a lot going on with my physical and emotional needs. I struggle with depression, anxiety, chronic pain... and the list keeps going. Fortunately, I have a benefits package with work so my prescriptions and para-medical expenses are affordable. Work helps with the costs of my meds and the meds help me get up and face the work day.

3) My Cat Kenji-Boy:
~ My all-time favourite animal could very well be the house cat. Those who know me might suggest that I'm a crazy cat lady. Which does have some merit because I'd have a barn full of cats if I could rescue them all. I will always have at least one. Kenji is the first male cat I've owned and he's the best decision I made! You can read about him HERE, to learn more about the biggest love of my life!

~ Namaste ~


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